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reisen.ch - das Reiseportal der Schweiz
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For some Internet addresses see Links.
Before leaving for Switzerland: If you're traveling to Switzerland by plane you may you use the Fly-Rail service. From any airport your baggage will be taken care of, transferred in the Swiss airport to the railway and finally delivered to one of some 50 railway stations (e.g. Zug). After a few hours you may pick up your bag at the railway station. The nice thing: after immigration, which is a rather quick procedure, you don't have to wait in front of the conveyor belt and may just proceed through custom, if there is nothing to declare. Restrictions apply.
For departure a similar service is available: Check in on day before departure, receive the boarding card at railway station (e.g. Zug); Transfer of baggage to port of embarkation (can become critical for Transit)
For certain countries/airlines there are Restrictions. www.sbb.ch/en/station-services/services/luggage-and-flight-luggage.html
Get a bike for free: In Zug, Baar and Cham you can get a bike for a day. You have to deposit your Identity card. There are also proposals for routes available and if you need instructions about how to change gear somebody of the staff will give you a hand. May to October, 9 to 9.
About Public transports: the infrastructure in Zug for moving around is excellent. 
You can save money by having a "Halbtax ticket" (when living in Switzerland) or a special tourist ticket. 
Swiss pass: free travel for 4, 8, 15, 30 days. Some private operators will not accept the ticket!
Swiss card: the equivalent to the "Halbtax" ticket for 30 days.
There are also European Rail passes available. There are great modern trains in operation, especially in France (TGV), Germany (ICE), Switzerland (IC, ICN, Pendolino).
As the name "Halbtax" implies, on the national railroad (SBB) you would pay half the price of the normal tickets. The good news is, that local bus services and most of the larger private operators (mountain railroads, ship lines) accept the half price ticket too and offer a discount (although not necessarily half price). 
For family's the "Juniorpass" is available: with that, children accompanied by at least one of the parents travel for free.
Tageskarte (one day pass)
For the Zug area (Tarifverbund Zug) there is a  Day card available from the ticketing machines:  Fr 16.- Full price; or Fr. 8.00 when you have a "Halbtax Abo" card. See www.zvb.ch/en/tickets-and-travel-cards/single-tickets/.
A similar day card for the Zuerich city area is available. 
Motels in the Zug area: One is in Sihlbrugg at the crossroads (two roundabouts) Zurich / Hirzel / Neuheim / Zug / Albis. The area has an American touch, with 3 Restaurants, 2 filling stations, shops, a Mc Donald's and a Dancing nearby. 
A bowling hall is near the traffic light at the end of the autobahn N4a at Walterswil, before Sihlbrugg.
The Swiss Motel at Kollermuehle is the other one, with a Restaurant and a Dancing nearby. 
See Map


Some Traffic rules:

Road conditions www.teletext.ch/SF1/490-00.html
Also on "Teletext" of the public TV stations.
Autobahn Speed limit:
120 kmh. not signaled.

All Vehicles driving on motorways must display a sticker ("Autobahn Vignette", CHF 40.- valid one year). 
The sticker must be glued to the windscreen! Check on rental car!
Trailers need a sticker too.

Drive on right lane, left is for overtaking only. Signal when changing the lane.


Vignette (1999):

Inside towns 50 kmh  
Generally outside towns 80 kmh. not signaled  
Roundabout The traffic inside the roundabout has right of way.

Before leaving the circle give signal.

No parking   Parkieren Verboten
No standing Typically on bus stops. Anhalten verboten
Blaue Zone

Parkieren mit Parkscheibe

Free limit time parking.
In "Blaue Zone": 1 hour during business hours, free parking during lunch hours and night.

Arriving 8 AM through 11.30 AM: 1hr parking
Arriving 1.30 PM through 6 PM:1 hr parking
Arriving between 11.30 AM and 1.30 PM: parking until 2.30 PM.
Arriving between 6 PM and 8 AM: parking until 9 AM.

Supplementary boards are added,if:
- restrictions also apply for Sundays and holiday's
- parking is limited to 30 Minutes or other length

Mark the time on your parking disk (Parkscheibe). The disk has to be placed behind windscreen.

There is a similar system in the Swiss Romande with red disks.

Blaue Zone

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