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EMail, SMS. You don't need a Internet Cafe for sending EMail.
Laundry: coin Laundry's are not common here, but Zug has a  public laundry that may be used by tourists.
Author: Here are some remarks about me.
Changes: Here are notes about major changes in my homepage. Small changes, like corrected spelling of a word will not be noted.
Schwinget: Some impressions from the Schwinget on July 2nd  2000.
History: Some historical facts about the development of the political system.

Holidays, Schools Baar

Public Laundry:

For those people, used to doing their own washing when traveling around, there is a public Laundry in Zug.

Location of Laundry Baar, Halle 44
Altgasse 44 (near Oekihof Baar)
Business hours Mo through Fri: 8 AM to 11.30 AM
and 12.30 PM to 4.00 PM
Price per machine Fr 8.- , detergents included

How to get there: 
By public transport: Bus #8 (Baar-Steinhausen) to "Altgasse", then underpassing the Railway.  Next street to the right. After 20 m the location is to the right. 
VAM is promoting and supporting projects for providing jobs and training for jobless people. The Laundry project is one project, the  lending of bicycles in Zug, Baar, Cham another. 

EMail, SMS

The public Telephone-Booths (+9'000 all over Switzerland) are in fact telecommunication centers. They can be used for sending EMail or SMS. 
Cost: CHF 0.50. Swisscom-Taxcards or Credit Cards are accepted. Menu in E, G, F, I.


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