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Map: "Kanton Zug. Wander- und Velokarte" 1:25'000

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Schoenalph-WSpitz-Alpli Leiter

Wildspitz is very popular for hiking. Even during winter many people enjoy the hike up to the peak, some by ski. There are dozens of paths. The two most popular ones are from Sattel and from Unteraegeri.

Schoenalphuettli-Wildspitz: For this popular route there are a couple of tracks to choose from. Here is the longer but very attractive route by Huerital.
Brandhoechi-Ramenegg-Nas: Ramenegg, with the friendly Alp Restaurant, can elegantly be included in the tour to the "Spitz". Here some notes of a track, passing Brandalp. On a alternative route you can hike down to Aegerisee. 
Sattel-Halsegg-Wildspitz-Gnipen-Goldau: A lovely route, although a bit more strenuous then other Wildspitz tours. Especially the descent from Gnipen down to Goldau gets into the legs.
Sattel-Lutzi-Wildspitz-Gnipen-Walchwil: This one too is a longer tour. Hiking above the Zugersee offers beautiful views.
Sattel-Halsegg-Wildspitz-ZugerbergSimilar route to Zugerberg Station. 

Kroki Wildspitz

Crossing at Schoenalphuette, left Huerital/right Alpli Crossing near Schoenalphuette: left to Huerital, Ramenegg. Straight on to Alpli, Zugerberg


Wildspitz km  hrs
Zug-Unteraegeri (bus)    
Unteraegeri-Schoenalphuette 4.5 1
13 4
Schoenalphuette-Unteraegeri 4.5 1
Unteraegeri-Zug (bus)    


Ramenegg km  hrs
Zug-Unteraegeri (bus)    
Unteraegeri-Schoenalphuette 4.5 1
"car parking Huerital"-Schoenalphuette
11 2.5
Schoenalphuette-Unteraegeri 4.5 1
Unteraegeri-Zug (bus)    


Brandhoechi-Ramenegg-Nas km  hrs
Zug-Unteraegeri (bus)    
Unteraegeri-Resti-Brandhoechi-Rossalmig 6 2
Rossallmig-Cholerhuette-Ramenegg 1.5 0.5
Rossallmig-Nas 3 1
Nas Morgarten   0.5
Nas-Wilbrunnen-Unteraegeri   1.3
Morgarten - Oberaegeri - Zug (bus)    
Unteraegeri - Zug (bus)    


Sattel-Halsegg-Wildspitz-Gnipen-Goldau km hrs
Zug-Oberaegeri, Oberaegeri-Sattel (Bus)    
Arth/Goldau-Zug (SBB, or Bus)    


Winter arriving Winter is coming.

Hiking from Huerital to 
Halsegg and up to Wildspitz

track to Wildspitz

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If you want to use your car, there are many spots available e.g. at Schoenalphuettli, although sometimes they'll be used for forest services.

Here is a popular route from Unteraegeri:
From the Bus stop at Unteraegeri "Bahnhof", the track to Huerital is well marked. Along the Bitumen road we're passing some farms and a saw mill. Later on, in wooded areas, there are some popular picnic places near the river. 
At Schoenalphuette there are three options:

  1. Passing Schoenalphuette we follow the gravel road along the creek (a side creek to Hueribach). After 100 m the road makes a 270 degree left turn. The road will lead to Schoenalp-Boden, Hürital, Halsegg. This gravel road is a bit longer then the one going straight on, but less steep and in excellent condition.
  2. Before crossing the bridge to Schoenalphuette we follow the Bitumen road along  the Hueribach to Hueritalhuette, Ramenegg/Halsegg for 400 m. Here the Bitumen road makes a left turn. The hiking track runs first along the river as a gravel road. Later it's a mere walking track in the forest, leading to a large clearing with Hueritalhuette.
  3. The "old driveway" is well marked and follows the forest road up to Urzlenboden. (Turning right, the way to Alpli is a popular spot). An excellent road ascends to Wildspitz. 
    Sometimes the road has to be closed, due to damages after heavy rain. There is a alternative track (by Ampferenrain), some 20 m before the Urzlen hut; the mud track will merge with the normal road some 20 Minutes later and 160 m higher up.

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Huerital is an alp with a small Restaurant. 
For Halsegg or Ramenegg the path is on the right side behind the stable. 
The driveway to the left would bring us in about 15 Minutes to Cholerhuettli. There at a fairly large clearing we are guided on to Ramenegg. 
But we might as well go straight on, up the grass hill. We'll hit the road up there. Turning right, the road leads to Halsegg, turning left we'll end up at Ramenegg. 

Ramenegg Restaurant To Ramenegg it's a pleasant walk. From the place of the Restaurant we can enjoy fantastic views.

For Wildspitz we're ascending to Halsegg (www.halsegg.ch), a fantastic lookout; and the small Restaurant is quite popular. From here the usual track to Wildspitz follows more or less the rim of the mountain "Rossberg". On the left side the alps, on the right side the Mittelland.

Above the foggy foggy dew

Panorama: On the way from Halsegg to Wildspitz

Wildspitz is the highest point on Rossberg. The view into mountains and Mittelland is marvelous.

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Zuger Alpli (closed Nov through April)
The garden Restaurant Remote but idyllic

From Wildspitz there is a path down to Alpli, directly from the peak. I propose to make a detour to Gnipen. It's an easy walk and we get to see the area where two hundred years ago part of the mountain broke off and Goldau was buried under the rubble.

The lookout is superb. By following the path on the right, a turnoff follows after 100 m on right leading down to Oberalpli/Alpli. Going straight on there is another, steep track down to Alpli. Some climbing will be necessary and on the uppermost part there is a rope for pulling yourself up or for climbing down.
Both tracks can be wet and dirty and therefore slippery, but the first one is less steep and there is no climbing involved (the track is called the Winterweg).

Alpli is a very popular place. From Alpli a grass track just at the end of the outside part of the Restaurant leads to the forest and down to Unteraegeri by way of Urzlenboden and then on to Schoenalphuette.

As an alternative to the descent to Alpli: at Gnipen we can walk along the ridge to the cross and down to the lower rim. The path runs then down along the cut to Spitzibuel, Goldau (2 hrs); it's a steep track. From Goldau we may catch a train back to Zug.

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This track too, runs at first from the Bus stop in the general direction Huerital. The hiking signs guide us to the right, a bit off the Bitumen road, along meadows and farm houses. At the saw mill we'll be back on the driveway. At the end of the halls and the timber yard, at Roggenbruecke, we cross Hueribach.
Soon the road is ascending a bit steeper and at Resti we may enjoy the view over to Zugerberg/Hochwacht, a bit of the Albis chain, Gubel, Aegerisee, Unter/Oberaegeri, Hoehronen.
Soon we get to the crossroads where we'll turn right for Brandhoechi. At the little shack we have a fine view again, but then the track gets steeper up the forested hill. Yellow arrows on trees show the proper route.
Brandhoechi with Summer Restaurant Brandalp and children's playground invite for a rest.
We move on to Rossallmig.

From here the road straight on will lead to Cholerhuette and Ramenegg/Halsegg and on to Wildspitz.

We choose the track to the left for Nas.
After some 20 m we are on the forest track to Sod, Nas, Unteraegeri.
On sequent crossroads we choose the direction for Nas, Morgarten.

Arriving at Nas, the larger of two camping parks (Kiosk), we have two options: either along the Aegerisee to Unteraegeri (about 80 Minutes), or to the Bus stop at the Hotel/Restaurant Morgarten (30 Minutes).

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On the way along the Aegerisee and on to Sattel we're passing a historic landmark: at the end of the lake at Morgarten a memorial is reminding of the battle in this region. Before reaching Sattel a chapel stays where the ambush has taken place.

Two trails to Wildspitz are marked: 
one from the southern side of Sattel Railway Station by Herrenegg, Moos, Lutzi to the Obhaeg chapel and to Wildspitz (2.5 hrs), 
the other from Bus stop "Bauernhof" at the Ford Garage / "AVIA" filling station, ascending by Halsegg. That's our choice.

From the Sattel Railway station it's about 80 m back to the main road, then to the left, crossing the Railway line. After 100 m we're at the memtioned Ford Garage. There the trail begins, at first as a Bitumen road in a residential area. At the last house, to the right, the track begins.

Partly by stairs we gain height quickly. From time to time we enjoy the view. The better known mountains are Fronalpstock, Rigi, Uri Rotstock. Two or three times we hit the Bitumen road, but after 100m we're on the hiking track again.

Already after an hour the last ascent to Halsegg commences over the Alp meadows. The track runs in a little valley, parallel to the electric power line. At a large pine tree we're passing a gate to Halsegg (Retaurant closed Thursdays)

From Halsegg we're proceeding to Wildspitz and Gnipen on a comfortable nature path. Here we enjoy the view over Schwyz valley-plains and into the mountains.

From Gnipen a track leads down to the big iron cross and a resting place. For Goldau we may chose the track straight along the rupture, or the slightly longer track by Ochsenboden.

By way of Ochsenboden we often have undisturbed view over Zugersee and Zugerberg (Walchwilerberg). 
After about 20 Minutes we have reached the lower outcrop. Clearly to see is now the edge where the mountain has broken off. 

abbruchkante.JPG (32436 Byte) Clearly visible where part of the mountain has broken off

The track down to Spitzibuel/Goldau follows more or less a straight line down the hill. From time to time, marks on trees and rocks reassure us that we're on the right track. Some distance later the track crosses the forest and after 1.5 hrs we're at Unt.Spitzibuel.

After Unt.Spitzibuel first the route runs along the Bitumen road, but at a little stable a track again turns off to the right. Keeping to the right we're on the track down to Goldau.

Here in Goldau we're walking inside a tidy residential area and we'll be lead to the Railway station.

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The beginning of the tour is right at the information board at Sattel Railway station and bus stop (general direction "Lutzi-Wildspitz"), SE of the station. After some 300 m turn right and under cross the railway line. The first part of the track is also marked "Rundweg Moos" 

For the first half hour the Bitumen road is ascending steady until we llama.jpg (22964 Byte) reach "Lama Hof" (Llama farm). The tall teepee's can be recognized from some distance. The track continues soon as gravel road.
On my tour end of July 02 the Llamas where feeding or resting peacefully on the pasture the track is crossing. I was observed intently, but otherwise ignored.
The track crosses meadows and often there are fine views. Soon the path gets a bit rugged, a gully has to be crossed.
obhaeg.jpg (17204 Byte) After a while we are directed to the Bitumen road again, but soon we're on a forest hiking track again, in a area full of rocks.
At chapel Obhaeg (Fatima chapel. In summertime mass on Sunday mornings) we have earned a short rest. Far above clearly visible our goal: Wildspitz.
From the chapel the path is steeply ascending. In half an hour it's done, although half way up Alp Restaurant Gehren is inviting the thirsty ones.
On Wildspitz a comfortable road is leading to Gnipen. There we follow the rim all the way to the Christian cross. There a steep track right through the rocks leads down to Spitzibuehl. 
Our track though is to the right and follows the rim down to the little hut (same route as mentioned in the Goldau trail).
rufiberg.jpg (22281 Byte) At the hut acute-angled to the right the path is leading towards Rufiberg. The lovely forest track is zigzagging down to the Rufiberg plains.
As an alternative, there is the road to Duerrenboden and on by Walchwiler Oberallmend to Zugerberg funicular station.
For us it's straight on, partly on Bitumen road and partly on forest tracks towards Holaesch, Utenberg, finally by Hotel/Restaurant Aesch to Walchwil. From Aesch to Walchwil Bus stop it's about 15 Minutes.


Sattel-ZgBerg.jpg (193219 Byte)Active map:


(6 hrs) Here another route from Bus Stop "Bauernhof" (Bus Line 9 of ZVB, Aegeri-Sattel) to the Zugerberg funicular station. 
The route to Gnipen is similar to the above mentioned, but at Gnipen we turn North. 

For those who hate steep descents with rock climbing, there is a turn off for the path by Alpli (the "Winterweg"). After Alpli, at "Heumoosegg", the two routes merge.

Goldauer Bergsturz:
On September 2nd in 1806, part of Rossberg broke off and fell down towards Goldau. Similar catastrophes must have happened before as well. Nearby lake Lauerz was filled by one seventh. 457 people died and 102 houses were destroyed. Among the rocks and debris the nature park Goldau was built (Tierpark Goldau). A small museum is right at the entrance to the Tierpark.

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