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Heritage sites

Aegeri - Menzingen

Map: Wanderkarte Zugerland 1:25000.

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Panoramaweg Raten-Unteraegeri

Both villages are only half an hour from Zug by bus. The main attraction for Aegeri is the lake area with boat cruises during summer. The Panoramaweg grants spectacular views. Menzingen offers amazing scenery with the "Drumlins": smoothly formed hills, each with a single Linden tree atop: reminders of the former ice age.

Aegerisee walk: Along the main road are many excellent Restaurants. Hikers may use the lovely walking track on the other side of the lake.
Raten: (1077 m) The pass road from Aegeri to Biberbrugg / Einsiedeln. A favorite for picnickers and walkers, the area offers shade in hot summer days and (hopefully) snow for cross country skiing in the winter.
The Ratenpfad: Boards along the lovely track explain topics about the environment and the care of flora and fauna. In wintertime the walk to St.Jost and Ahorn is very popular.  
Raten - Sattel: A easy tour atop the Eastern part of Aegerisee. End of the tour near historic site Morgarten. Part of "Panoramaweg Aegerital".
Walk to Gottschalkenberg: A lovely easy walk in summer and winter.
Gubel: There is the nunnery, a lovely landscape and a fantastic lookout over the Lorze plains.
Missile base: Reflect about the recent history - and get some beautiful views.
Menzingen - Gubel - Oberaegeri: here an example for an easy walk in the sun.
From Raten to Menzingen: An easy hike from one side of the mountain to the other, for the most part on forest tracks.
Panoramaweg Aegerital: A long track awarding with magnificent views is ready to be taken. Here is the part Raten-Unteraegeri.
An interesting option is to end the tour at Menzingen.
Unteraegeri to Menzingen: A quiet hike across Wilerberg to the charming scenery in the Menzingen area.
Sihlmaettli: (upper Sihlmatt) A hike to this peaceful meadow along the Sihl river is always delightful. - And the Fish Restaurant serving fresh Trout is open April until Oct (Tue closed).
Glacier scenery: It needs not great fantasy to imagine the former glacier flowing in this area.
Hidden river: On this hike from Raten to Samstagern we're again in a former glacier area, with the river Sihl secretly flowing along the mountain Hoehronen.
Wanderung für heisse Tage: Schmittli.pdf (3 MB)
Schmittli-Baar-Cham, along Lorze river
First part is the one in the PDF-File above. In Baar we keep following the river until after Waldmann-Halle (a newer Sport-area). After the Autobahn-underpass we turn right and use the path along the old Lorze down to Zugersee. Proceeding on tracks near the lake we arrive at Cham Villette and Railway station.


Map: Schmittli-Baar-ChamInteractive map:

This walk follows all along the Lorze until the Autobahn-underpass, 
starting at Bus stop "Schmittli" (Line 1 from Zug).
For part Schmittli-Baar see Schmittli.pdf

In Baar, after the underpass of the Autobahn, a lovely track to the right follows the "alte Lorze" to the shore of Lake Zugersee.

Alte_Lorze.jpg (168142 Byte)In order to make room for the Autobahn A4a, the original bed of Lorze was corrected. The remainder of the old river is a bit smaller, because part of the riverbed has been remodeled into a track.

Reaching the lake shore, the track follows more or less directly the shore. At Cham we arrive in the beautiful Villette park, just across the railway station.

The tour may easily been split into shorter walks.
(Time whole tour: 4.25hrs; Baar SBB-Cham SBB: 1.5 hrs; Schmittli-Baar: 2.5 hrs)


Aegerisee walk 

From the End of the lake, after Morgarten, use the Bitumen road to the camping areas. Afterwards there is a walking track back to Unteraegeri, for the most part directly along the shore. 

Aegeri Lake km  hrs
Zug - Oberaegeri (Bus)    
Oberaegeri - Morgarten Hotel (Bus, Ship)    
7 1.5
Unteraegeri - Zug (Bus)    

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On a weekend with thick fog over the Zug area and blue sky up here, you'll probably find all the parking space occupied (and the road closed) - if you are too late.

Raten - Gottschalkenberg km  hrs
Zug - Oberaegeri (Bus)    
Oberaegeri - Raten (Bus)    
Raten - Abschwaendi-Gottschalkenberg(Restaurant)-Bellevue-
5.5 1.5
Unteraegeri - Zug (Bus)    

A public bus service is available from Oberaegeri, connecting the Zug-Line.

Raten:Biberbrugg,Altmatt Raten: Biberbrugg, Altmatt

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The Ratenpfad

On Sankt Josta roundtrip of about 5 km (1.5 hrs) starting behind the Restaurant. The former recluse of "Sankt Jost" is a quiet lovely spot and part of this easy round trip. Also in wintertime it's a favorite walkway.
The track runs through forest and open terrain. There are no steep Ahorn.jpg (41275 Byte) climbs. On some places explanation boards are telling about wildlife and plants. Hunting, and care of fauna and flora are covered as well; forestry is another interesting subject. Explanations are in German, but there are lots of pictures.

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Raten - Sattel

Raten - Sattel hrs
Zug - Oberaegeri (Bus 1)   
Oberaegeri - Raten (Bus 10)  
Raten-St.Jost-TaennliChruez-suedlich  Teufiwald-
Fisterenwald-Eigen Pt.1004-Schafstetten-Sattel
Sattel - Oberaegeri (Bus 9)  
Oberaegeri - Zug (Bus 1)  

Over to St.Jost we're following the same forest track as mentioned above. There a moderately descending road leads in a southerly direction into the woods again.

Leaving the forest we follow the track to the left which runs along the edge of the woods. After 200 m we're at a crossroads, where a road is heading for Rotenthurm.

AegeriseeOur route proceeds straight on to Taennlichruez, a iron Christian Cross, and into "Teufiwald" woods. On the Southern side there are two options: by Lookout "Chli Morgarten" and then proceeding on the Rotenthurm-side to Sattel, or straight on towards Schafstetten. 

On the latter track we're partly on the specially marked track "historic tour", which is especially interesting for folks interested in History (Morgarten is the battle ground, where in 1315 the newly constructed bond of the three founder states fought and won their first battle against the highly superior Austrian Cavalry). 
On that last part the tour may be moderated by choosing "Schornen" instead of Sattel as the goal. 
The area Schornen/Letziturm/Schlachtkapelle and Restaurant might be more interesting while waiting for the Bus (Bus Stop), then the railway station.

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Walk to Gottschalkenberg.

From the parking lot, after crossing the main road and turning left, you will be guided, along soft hills and later through the forest, to the quiet place Gottschalkenberg. At the enclosure with chicken, goats and deer a path is leading on to the lookout "Bellevue", a fitting name.

FronalpThere we turn right and into the forest. A track is leading down to a creek crossing. The forest track and the creek crossing can get a bit dirty, so the shoes should have reasonable grip. After the crossing the track changes into a forest road and after a while we reach the little chapel "Chlausenchappeli". Here we're on the Bitumen road Raten - Gottschalkenberg, nearby a small pond. Along the pond and the little creek, on the edge of the woods is a favorite place for picnickers in the summertime.

To return to Raten we follow the track across the field on the right which ascends to  the hill. It runs at first more or less parallel with the Bitumen road. Having reached the top, there is a rest place (Abschwaendi) with some benches, a fireplace and a panorama picture. 

After 50 m we are on the same road that we have started the walk.

The buildings on Gottschalkenberg are owned by the town of Zug and are used as a camp schoolhouse for school children. Regularly there are vacation camps for guest children as well. 
They can also be rented for private groups and seminars.


Raten:Rigi, Aegerisee Raten: Rigi, Aegerisee
Gottschalkenberg,Bellevue:Zuerichsee,Pfannenstil Gottschalkenberg, Bellevue: Pfannenstiel, Zuerichsee

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Raten - Menzingen

Here an easy walk from the Gottschalkenberg region down to Menzingen. Especially on hot summer days it's a lovely tour.

Zug-Oberaegeri (bus)
Oberaegeri - Raten (bus)
km hrs
Mangelichruez-Mangelihoehe-Chnollenweid Saetteli-
Schurtannen Saege-Menzingen
9 2.5
Menzingen-Zug (bus)    

From the bus stop we choose the Wanderweg starting at the stable with the changing room for cross country skiers. The Bitumen road is smoothly ascending, allowing pretty views into the Aegeri valley and nearby mountains.
After about 20 minutes, before we reach Abschwaendi, there is a fireplace and a panorama board to the right, just 20 m from the road with a fine view with a couple of mountain peaks. Grosser Mythen, Fronalpstock, Gitschen, Urirotstock, Rossberg/Wildspitz, Rigi, Pilatus are visible. To the East Saentis, Glaernisch, Toedi can be seen.

We continue on the Bitumen road. When we reach the forest, we're on gravel road. At the Abschwaendi road sign we continue on the road towards Gottschalkenberg (it's a little detour). At Charenboden we turn left for Mangelihoehe/Menzingen.

The track now is a bit steeper, but not for long. 
For some time we'll now be walking through forest on the rim of the hill dividing Aegeri and Menzingen. From time to time we catch a sight either of the Aegeri side or towards the Zuerichsee, with Zuerich in the distance.
After a while we arrive at a fortification with Bunker and a bridge. This used to be a defense post for the missile base at nearby Gubel. The track to the left will lead towards that site and on to Gubel.

menz_albis.JPG (54197 Byte) Above Menzingen
In back to the left Albis

Choosing the track to the right we're heading to Menzingen. If the grass track is not clearly visible: a Wanderweg sign is on the nearby hut and on the trunk of the single birch tree. Generally the track is about in line with the peak of the Menzingen church tower. 
For the last part we're on the Bitumen road  descending down to Bachmueli then up again to the village center and bus station.

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This easy walks in the Menzingen - Gubel region are especially lovely on days of fog over the lowlands.

Menzingen-Gubel km  hrs
Zug - Menzingen (Bus 2)    
7 2
Menzingen - Zug (Bus 2)    


Gubel, over the fog Gubel
above the fog
walk on Gubel walking on Gubel
on left: Mythen

A sign by the road right after the Menzingen monastery (Bus stop) shows the way to the Gubel. 
A main sign post showing many other walks, is near the next stop in the village center. 

The hill with its nunnery used to be an important place of pilgrimage. The little church reminds of religious wars (battle on Gubel 24.10.1531). The little chapel ("Oelberg") among the trees stands on the site where the men (friend and foe) who died during the battle, have been buried.

gubel monastery Gubel
picture in church overhead picture 
of the religious battle

Walk along the trees of the enclosure where a anti-aircraft rocket-launch site has been in operation since the 60's. This "Bloodhound" site is now closed. Part of it is now a museum to remember the years of cold war.

Near the church there is a friendly Restaurant. The building is about 200 years old; so watch your head! the ceilings are lower than usual. Try the "Gubel Chrapfe", a fairly large aniseed cookie with a nut filling.
Restaurant Gubel
: open Thursday through Monday, 10 AM - 11 PM

Tip: Easy walk to Gubel:
By car, from Menzingen follow the brown sign "BLOODHOUND Lenkwaffenstellung". 
From the parking Braemenhoechi at the Site gate, walk to the Restaurant (20 Minutes one way), it's pleasant with beautiful scenery on a road suitable also for wheelchair. 
The track begins to the right, along the upper end of the fence. 

In the self serve shop (Hofmarkt) at the stables you may buy farm produces. For paying you use the piggy box in form of a milk can.

To get the famous liqueur (one for the heart, one for the stomach) at the monastery enter the gate (Pforte). Inside the anteroom ring the bell and soon a sister will show up at the door window. 

Menzingen - Gubel - Oberaegeri

(ca 2.5 hrs) 
Sun hungry walkers love this route, especially when fog in the lower regions obscures the sun.
The road runs first along the former missile base. Later we're passing Fuerschwand with its "Besenbeiz", a simple type of Restaurant. After some 15 Minutes at Hinterwiden, Restaurant "Kistenpass" is open for food and drink. After Hinterschneit, on the "Panoramaweg Aegeri" the descent down to Oberaegeri will be mainly on field tracks.

Alternatively there are tracks to Gottschalkenberg, to Alosen, Gulm or Unteraegeri.

Panoramaweg Aegerital

4 hrs

Zberg_Uaegeri.jpg (36853 Byte)From Raten we're using the Wanderweg to Abschwaendi, Gottschalkenberg, with a short detour to the lookout at Bellevue. After that, and maybe a stop at the Restaurant Gottschalkenberg, we're on the Panoramaweg to Charenboden, Muetegg, Mangelihoehe. After the short ascent from Charenboden to Muetegg we're on a gentle forest track. Walking along the rim the view one Hstuckli.jpg (26127 Byte)time goes to Zuerichsee on the Northern side, some distance later Alps and Aegerisee to the South are catching the eye. The track to Bruustweid and Bruusthoechi is mainly in the open: we're rewarded with fantastic scenery. 

The shelter named Bruusthoechi, is a self serve "Restaurant". Cold drinks are on the Western side of Bruusth.jpg (42245 Byte)the hut in a fridge, instant-coffee is in the cupboard. Price-list and honesty box are on the wall...
Coffee: to "turn on" the oven just help yourself; 
- wood is outside, 
- a handsaw too ?!?

An easier way to get a coffee is a visit to one of the other "Baesebeiz": at Gruemel, Hinterschneit, Hinterwiden. 

Along the track, every now and then there are beautiful vistas.

From Hintertann to Gubel-Menzingen:
Many ways are leading to Rome, ... or back to the Zug-area. The walk into the Drumlin area is rewarding and, mostly across open terrain, - descents are shorter and less steep.

Unteraegeri to Menzingen

This 2 hr hike starts right at the main Bus Stop in Unteraegeri and ends  at the Bus Stop in Menzingen (just at the lovely Cafe).
 The first part is bit steeper and the track is partly the one for the Panoramaweg. Don't forget to stop sometimes and look back for the beautiful vistas!
Uageri-Menzingen.jpg (172972 Byte)Active map: 
GPS route: 

Despite the scenery, the Fuerschwand area played an important part in history:
The Chapel St. Anna at the turnoff into the woods is on the place, where the Catholic Innerschweizer were praying, prior to the battle at Gubel against the Protestants from Zuerich. (The Catholics won. Thanks to the reasonable Peace Treaty both Religions were subsequently respected).
The Tank trap on the road to Fuerschwand was part of the Reduit in WWII, as are many more fortifications in the area.
Finally, the Rocket base on Gubel was built in the 1960's. (The strange "Antenna" at the hilltop is the Collimation-tower for the Radar system)

The route:
Grund-Hasenthal-Bachmueli-Menzingen. Time needed: 2 hrs.
Note: Restaurant at Fuerschwand ("Besenbeiz", Tue closed)

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Map: Wanderkarte Zugerland 1:25000.

Menzingen - Sihlmatt - Sihlbrugg

It's a pleasant walk from Menzingen to river Sihl and on to Sihlbrugg.

Sihlmaettli (April - October) Hrs
Zug - Menzingen (Bus)  
a) Menzingen-Brettigen-Schwand-Sihlmatt

b) Menzingen-Chaelenhof-Aeschegg-Erlenbach-Hinterbuel-

Sihlmatt-Sihlsprung-Babenwag Bridge-
Schiffli Bridge-Sihlbrugg
Sihlbrugg - Baar - Zug (Bus)  

From the Bus stop at Menzingen village square we leave the main road for Brettigen, Schwand. 

I prefer the longer route, circumventing the Lindenberg, towards Hinterbuehl.jpg (17277 Byte) Chaelenhof, then by Aeschegg descending into the Sarbach valley and up again to Hinterbuehl. Here a lovely scenery with those smooth hills catches the eye. After an easy walk, passing Blachen, the route merges with the one mentioned above.

On both routes, we'll enjoy exceptional sights of Moraines, Drumlins and little valleys, which were left behind by former glaciers.

At Schwand we follow the road down to the river Sihl. The Summer Restaurant (closed Tuesday's) in the little plain is well known for the trout's and the relaxing atmosphere. In the garden Restaurant the menu is written onto the house wall. If you dislike whole fish they may have a Schnitzel instead. 

After a cool wine and the trout we should be fit enough for going on along the Sihl, downriver. 

The Sihlgalerien are a walking track along the river Sihl. Partly there are tunnels and "Galleria's", remarkable cuts into the rocks along the valley.
After an hour we will reach Sihlbrugg.

The old Babenwag wooden bridge:
babenwagbr.jpg (19138 Byte) Today's Sihlbrugg was in the 13th century an important traffic spot already: with toll and later a roofed wooden bridge. 
The old bridge was 1960 replaced by a concrete construction, the wooden bridge now suspends Sihl river about half way between Sihlsprung and Sihlbrugg. 
By that, we have an interesting option:
after crossing the renovated wooden bridge, a lovely trail is tempting on the other side. For a good part it's running directly along the river. 
Shortly before reaching Sihlbrugg at the hamlet New Schifflibruecke (Jan 2006) Schiffli, the new bridge makes crossing of the Sihl over to the Zug side possible. On a hiking track we reach busy crossroads Sihlbrugg. 
See also Saumweg Zug-Horgen

There is a Bus service to Baar. Sihlbrugg itself has three well known Restaurants a motel, service stations and the Mc. Donald's is only 200 m away.
Wiler_15.jpg (38212 Byte) Near Menzingen, Wilersee

Glacier scenery

The Menzingen area is extraordinary lovely. From the geological point of view there are interesting things to see. In the last ice age (about 20'000 years ago) glaciers were dominating the region. It's about here where the Linth- and Reuss glaciers met. The rocks surrounding the parking in front of the Gubel Restaurant are from the Glarus region as well as from the Reuss valley. Gubel probably has been looking out of the ice masses. The Drumlins, those round hills usually occupied by a huge Linden tree, are from that period.

Choose the lovely walking tour from Menzingen to Finstersee, with extension from there to Sihlmatt, passing Wilersee and then on to Sihlbrugg.

1) Menzingen-Schwandegg-Finstersee

Menzingen-Finstersee km  Hrs
Zug - Menzingen (Bus)    
Menzingen-Hasental-Grund-Schloss Schwandegg-
4.5 1.5
Finstersee - Menzingen - Zug (Bus)    

From the village square we follow the road in the direction of Gubel. Already at the Schoolhouse we are impressed by the moraine hill in front. Behind is the Hoehronen chain with the Gottschalkenberg.

At Hasental we turn left towards Grund.
We walk along the moraine hill: unexpectedly we are in a high-lying valley.
At the well cared-for stone cross we enjoy a remarkable view into the Drumlin landscape. We can make out the little tower of castle Schwandegg, our next target.

schwandegg.JPG (20440 Byte) Schloss Schwandegg
tal.JPG (23971 Byte) Walking in a valley, built by former glaciers

If the grass is cut, climbing the little hill is worthwhile. From up there we get a good insight of earths history.

After Unterschwandegg we turn left into a field track. It will lead us along the hill, again with fine views, to Finstersee.

2) Finstersee-Wilersee-Sihlmatt

Finstersee-Sihlmatt km  Hrs
Finstersee-Zug - Menzingen - 
Finstersee/Restaurant Seehof (Bus)
Finstersee-Restaurant Seehof 0.3 0.2
Restaurant Seehof (Finstersee)-Wilersee-
4.5 1.5
Sihlmatt-Sihlgalerien-Sihlbrugg 5 1.5
Sihlbrugg - Baar - Zug (Bus)    

From Finstersee the road leads down the Bitumen road to the main road with the Restaurant Seefeld. 

wilersee.JPG (21770 Byte) Pretty Wilersee
huegel.JPG (21329 Byte) Dozens of smaller and larger hills shape the area

From the Restaurant we walk for about 100 m along the main road. Then we reach the track to Wilersee. For a short distance we walk somewhat above the romantic little lake, then we are again in Drumlin territory. In short distance we recognize patches of marsh land.

Passing farms we reach the small forest Muserholz, where we soon have to take a sharp right turn for Schwand.
There we choose the road to the right, down to Sihlmatt. A bit puzzled, we are now in a valley with steep forested slopes. The steep driveway is leading down to the river Sihl.

At Sihlmatt (Sihlmaettli) now, in the plain we meet a peaceful world, perhaps because now hunger is announcing himself.

From Sihlmatt to Sihlbrugg there is a peculiar track along the river Sihl. Partly, the track is cut through the rocks, so that we walk through short caves and along romantic gallery's. Mind your head.
Sihl-Galerie.jpg (57083 Byte) The track runs partly through short tunnels 
and along gallery's

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Hidden River

On this tour we're walking along the rim of Hoehronen hill. On the lower end on the northern side we're crossing the river Sihl. 
Driving along the main road Huetten-Schindellegi, one wouldn't expect a river to run hidden along that hill!

Raten-Dreilaenderstein-Scherenbrugg-Samstagern hrs
Zug-Oberaegeri (bus) 
Oberaegeri - Raten (bus)
return to Zug:
Samstagern-Feusisberg/Schindellegi (Train)
Schindellegi-Huetten-Finstersee-Menzingen (bus)
Menzingen-Zug (bus)

Samstagern-Schindellegi-Biberbrugg-Goldau (train) 
Goldau-Zug (bus or train)


For the first part we're using the same track as for the walk to Gottschalkenberg. At the Abschwaendi Fireplace we cross over to the little lake and the tiny chapel. Passing the chapel St Niklaus we proceed straight on for Dreilaenderstein (meaning the joint border stone for cantons Zug, Zuerich and Schwyz). 
At Hoehboden (1210 m) we're about on the top of the mountain rim. After passing the track coming up from Huetten (a more comfortable hike downwards then the one from the border stone) we reach the border marker. 
Wildspitz_HoehroneTo the lookout Wildspitz (not to be confused with the "other" Wildspitz on Rossberg) it's a 20 Minutes return walk, perfect place for having a rest, with benches, table and fireplace.

 The narrow track down to Rossberg (again the sWildspitz_Hoehronen, oberer Zuerichseeame Name as the "other" Rossberg) is pretty steep and sometimes slippery. 
After some 800 m a small gravel track to the left leads to the Huetten-road mentioned above. 
On that track we reach Restaurant Rossberg (closed Mo, Tue). After passing the Restaurant, at the crossroads we turn left towards Huetten. After some 800 m we're at the crossroads for Oerischwand/Scherenbrugg and Huetten. Of course we choose Scherenbrugg by way of Oerischwand, which is nearby a bit upwards. Descending on the comfortable gravel road, to the left the wooded side of a hill appears and soon the roar of a river gets more and more distinctive. 

Reaching the bridge area we're in for a surprise: this river Sihl, having cut a deep bed, flows between the Hoehronen mountain and the flank of a side moraine that has been formed by the former glacier. The other side of the Moraine is facing the plain with Samstagern and Huettner See. This plain then descends smoothly to the Zuerichsee area.

After crossing Sihl and main road, Samstagern is a convenient railway stop for a ride back to Goldau-Zug. On the way across the plain we're passing pretty Itlimoos pond. Walking time from the bridge to the station is some 30 Minutes.

Whim of nature

Under "normal circumstances", the river Sihl should at Schindellegi have turned north and built its bed downwards into Lake Zuerichsee. 
It seems that somebody has held his shoe in, forcing the river to make a long detour before reaching the city of
Zurich. Result of that single shoe is today’s beautiful scenery.

The river Sihl at Schindellegi. 
Schindellegi, Sihl "Google Earth" Screenshot
In the village center, right behind the church (good parking) the river, the railroad, a main road tunnel and a couple of other roads are competing for the same space. 
- Just a "scratch in the hill", and the river would flow towards Wollerau!

Screen shot off "Google Earth". 

From left: Hoehronen, then the Sihl riverbed  with the small side moraine.  To the right Zuerichsee.
For Google Earth pilots: Fly to 47 10 27n 8 42 44e


To the Hidden river by car

The drive along the main road between Menzingen and Schindellegi is spectacular.

In the Menzingen area all those Drumlins (the gravel filled rounded hills with a Linden tree atop) occupy the scenery. 
Then we have the deep descent down to the Sihl river, with a rather unique river crossing, the "Finsterseebrugg". The concrete bridge makes a remarkable bow, which was at the time of the construction, some 50 years ago, a masterpiece. The area at the bridge is a popular starting point for walks along the river and has space for parking on both ends.
After the bridge, there follows a steep ascent that brings us up onto a plain with the village Huetten.
Proceeding straight on, suddenly we're enjoying a fantastic vista with undisturbed view over hills and lakes, in the distance Zuerich. (There is a small parking, about one Km after Huetten, for two or three cars, on the right side of the road with a superb view).
To the right of the road is Hoehronen mountain. - Invisible though is the river Sihl, which is flowing in a gorge along the hillside.
The bridge "Scherenbrugg" gives an amazing view of the hidden river and the Moraine. The top of the Moraine has been cut away in order to provide access over the Sihl river to the farms and dwellings between Sihl and Hoehrone.
There is a place for parking on the right side of the road, directly at the bridge. The place is exactly opposite the only house which stands on the left of the road. If you want to stop for inspection, look out for that mentioned house, the narrow spot after a right bend in the road is otherwise easily missed.
Restaurant Rossberg (closed Mo, Tue): 30 Minutes Uphill. Good road.


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Missile base

What used to be top secret a few years ago is now a museum. Atop the hill of Gubel was one of six bases against high flying "objects". The "Bloodhound" were used inside a radius of about 80 km and up to about 20'000 m. 
The mission: to defend strategic targets inside that area and to discourage foreign powers from bypassing enemy lines by using Switzerland's air space.
The base was guarded by a ring of defense posts. For hikers: many of those posts will offer undisturbed views over large areas!
On www.fort.ch you get a broader view about fortifications in Switzerland.
Other then the objects in forests and fields, the museum on Gubel is not usually open. For information's contact:


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