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Change Log:

2023 Jul 16 Some External Links deleted
2022, May 31 Minor changes. Broken external Links corrected or removed. Several pages.
Aug Aletsch, Goms Details corrected
April Removed invalid Links and Infos
2020, Jan 8 Updated timetables (timetables)
Nov Corrections in (transport), (links)
Aug Update andermatt
July Minor changes (goms)
May 29 Links removed
May 22 Corrections in Aegeri_menzingen
April 4
Some external Links removed
Aug 07
PDF-File added (Schmittli.pdf, Ge)
Jun 27 Two routes leaving Fiescher Alp added
Jun 16 Route Gluringen-Fuergangen corrected (Suspension Bridge). (goms)
Route Rotenflue-Mostelberg added (mythen)
Mrz 26
Changes for better Navigation on Touchscreens

Dec 14

Timetables 2016 added
Dec 15
Timetables 2015 added
Dec 18 Timetables adapted (timetables)
Sep 30 Gps-route Ibergeregg-Mostelberg added (mythen)
Sep 8 Added short tour Fiescheralp-Bettmerhorn and routes Tiefenbach-Andermatt and Gotthard Lakes
Feb 7 GDB-Files converted to GPX (gps)
Feb 4 2013 Timetables 2013 added (timetables)
Aug 25 Route added: Gotthard-Nufenen-Ulrichen (andermatt)
Jul 1 Hike Pfynwald and Bhutanbridge added (nendaz)
Feb 9 Winter hike Goms extended to Oberwald (goms)
Jan 28
Goms, Winter hiking added (goms)
Dec 28 Links cleanup
Dec 11. 2011 Timetables adapted
Oct 15 Kulm Trail added (rigi)
Aug 27 New route to Tomasee added. (andermatt)
Aug 19 Profiles to "Gommer Hoehenweh" added (goms)
Aug 1 Remarks concerning Cable car Airolo Alpe Pesciuem (leventina)
May 27 Additions zu "Gommer Hoehenweg" (goms)
May 16 A
Apr Walk Baar-Cham added (baar-kappel)
Jan 30
Winter walk added (rigi)
Dec 6 Timetables 2011 adapted
Oct 6 Track Fuergangen - Muehlebach open
Sep 9 Void Links deleted.
Sep 8 Route Pollegio-Giornico added. (leventina)
Sep 7 Hike Klausenpass-Wannelen-Unterschaechen and Sittlisalp-Brunnialp-Wannelen-Aesch-Ribi added. (uri_reusstal)
Aug 17  Reference to Visierstollen Goeschenen. (andermatt)
Aug 2010 Routes added (leventina)
Dec 25 page "baar-kappel" amended
Nov 22 Added part Gluringen-Muehlebach (goms)
Oct 8 Oberalp-Dini added (andermatt_gotthard)
Sep 25 Schaechentaler Hoehenweg added (uri_reusstal)
Sep 4 Route Siviez-Tracouet added (nendaz)
Sep 3 Route Naetschen-Pazola-Oberalp added (andermatt)
Sep 2 Tremorgio-Dalpe added (leventina)
Aug 10 Amended Oberalppass-Andermatt (andermatt)
Jul 22 amended: Hike Airolo-Piora-Altanca (leventina) and Eggbergen-Fleschseeli (uri_reusstal)
Jul 19 "Waldweg" Oberwald-Gluringen added (goms)
Jun 22 GPS-route Romoos-Ober Aenzi-Napf-Trub added (napf)
May 27 GPS-route Menzberg-Napf-Fankhaus added (napf)
May 21 GPS-Route added. Sattel-Zugerberg (wildspitz)
May 12 "search" command in Menue deleted. 
April 25 Oberalbis amendet (baar_kappel)
Jan 21 Experiences nuvi/MapSource/GPSmap 60CS. (tech)
Jan 3 Biasca part added (leventina)
Dec 30, 2008 Timetables Zugerberg, Raten, Sattel-Hochstuckli, Samstagern updated
Nov 17 Corrections in stoos.
Oct 3 Galmihornhuette added (goms)
Sep 1 Piora Hike added (leventina)
Aug 28 GPS-Route Fiescheralp-Bettmeralp added (aletsch)
Aug 20 Grimsel-Sidelhorn-Obergesteln added (goms)
Aug 15 Counter removed (index)
Aug 12 Lower route Naetsche-Oberalppass mentioned, two snapshots added (andermatt, snapshots)
Aug 12 Change to new hoster (webland.ch)
counter old (on default.htm) 55'200
Aug 9 Weber Baschi, historic contest (goms)
Aug 7 Gommer Hoehenweg added (goms)
Jul 26 Leventina and Gotthard: added active maps and GPX-route
Jul 19 Route Stoeckalp-Aelggi-Melchsee Frutt added (titlis)
Jul 13 Reintroduced Search, after change to new Hoster (search)
Jul 12 Andermatt: Interactive map added (andermatt)
Jul 8 Web-hoster disabled the respective Frontpage-function without announcement. With the new method for uploading, I accidentally copied files with present file-date. 
Jul 6 Bisse de Vex added (nendaz)
Jun 17 Hike Unteraegeri-Menzingen added, with interactive map (aegeri-menzingen)
Jun 4 Brunnen-Timpel-Burggeist-Fruttli/Kloesterli added (rigi)
Jun 01 EXCEL-Table: Coordinates-Conversion CH1903/WGS84: Display fault corrected (tech)
May 20 Walk to Hoechi included with Map from "map.search.ch"
April 8
Rapperswil, stroll over woodenbridge, pictures added. (zuerich)
Dec 21 2 Snapshots added 
Dec 20 Calendar 07 replaced by 08
Dec 15 2007 Statistic: Hit counter on default.htm: 50014
Dec 11 GPS Routes Zugerberg-Allenwinden/Neuaegeri added. (zugerberg)
Dec 9 Timetables updated
Nov 29 Hike Zugerberg-Allenwinden and-Neuaegeri added, Hystory supplemented. (zugerberg, hystory)
Oct 26 Stoos, pictures added.
Oct 24 Menue-option "search" removed.
Stoos, minor corections.
Sep 25 GPS route added, GPS list updated (gps)
Sep 22 Curnerasee added (andermatt)
Sep 4 Small changes in zuerich, tech, gps, goms, andermatt
Aug 8 Hike to Tomasee (andermatt)
GPS route TOMA added
Jul 31 GPS Routes page updated
Jul 27 Gotthard-Hike added
Jul 5 Links corrected/added
June 17 Remark concerning Gommer Cheese dairy and shop (goms)
May 29 Rigi add-on: Link to Etext "Bullthought", Snapshots "Guests", Daechli "open" time
Apr 11 Some invalid external Links corrected or removed
Mrz 22 "Goggle earth" screen shot of Schindellegi-Hohronen-Sihl river area added (aegeri-menzingen)
Mrz 20 GPS-Data added
Mrz 2 GPS Daten: The same GDB-File contains all the routes of the area
Feb 22, 2007 Added hint Gubel on aegeri_menzingen
Dec 23 GPS: File with Waypoints of mountain peaks added
Dec 5 GPS Routes Raten-Gubel-Menzingen added
Nov 6 Supplements: Rigi Daechli, Snapshots
Sep 19 Nendaz extended
Sep 4 Added PDF-File of routes. Panoramaweg Aegerital (Raten Unteraegeri added.
Jul 24 Gps: Route Halsegg-Tuerlistock added
Jul 6 GPS-Data on respective pages listed
Jun 28 GPS-Daten added, Rigi: Weggis, resp.Seeboden via Mueseralp to Kaltbad
Jun 26 Rigi: Track Weggis-Kaltbad added
Jun 19 Sihlmatt, Rigi: GPS Data added, Details in pages.
Jun 4 Gps Data Realp-Tiefenbach (Furka) included. (Andermatt)
Apr 9 Route Baar-Kappel added (baar-kappel), Gps data accordingly updated.
Mar 19 GPS-route Baar-Hoechi-Zimbel added. (GPS-Data)
Feb 6 Additional GPS-Data on Hohronen roundtrip. (aegeri-menzingen)
Jan 18 Remarks conerning new Schiffli bridge (aegeri_menzingen)
2006,Jan 10 Walk Ratenpfad and Gottschalkenberg: GPS Data added
Dec 26 Page added d_stier.htm
Dec 19 Text added on Default.htm
Dec 11 Timetables updated (Raten, Samstagern, Sattel, Zugerberg)
Dec 1 Sub Mainpages "Hiking" and "Wandern" deleted and pages hiking2, Wandern2 renamed to Hiking, Wandern.
Were intended for direct Entry Gates, but with smart search machines not needed anymore.
Visitor-Statistic: Default.htm=30'591;
hiking.htm=10'072; wandern.htm=922
Nov 22 Minor changes
Nov 1 Hoellgrotten Lorzentobel: hike along Hoellbach gorge.
GPS-Data Hoellbachtobel and Rigi-Baenderweg added.
Oct 16 Graphic on homepage. Details Wildspitz, picture Tremorgio lake. Mostelegg Zwueschet Mythen.
Sep 20 Wildspitz amended (GPS, SBR)
Sep 10 Wildspitz amended
Aug 9 Tremorgio extended
Aug 7 Tremorgio Tour added
July 31 Zug town walk: mud map and GPS Data added
July 28 Rigi GPS-Route extended
July 21 GPS-Data Holzegg added. (Mythen).
tech.htm extended
July 18 "The Bull" added. (Rigi)
July 17 Gps-Data: 2 additional Routes Rigi
July 6 Sitemap new design
July 2 Nendaz GPS Data added
June 30 Nendaz: text and pictures added
June 5 GPS-pages added
Mai 5 Pictures added (snapshots, aeger_menzingen)
April 27 Some minor changes.
Apr 12 Remarks, pict. Furka steam train (andermatt.htm)
Mrz 1, 2005 Visitor-Statistic: Default.htm=23'422;
hiking.htm=9041; wandern.htm=839
Dec 13 Menzingen-Aegeri, Time tables details
Dec 12 Time tables updated (tt_...)
Sep 6 Crans Montana added
July 27 Sketch of selected Hiking tracks added (PDF, Rigi)
July 1 Rigi adapted. (Rigi)
May 7 Guestbook deleted
May 1 Luzern Tribschen (Luzern)
Apr 25 Chraebel-Daechli included (Rigi)
Mrz 1,2004 Visitor-Statistic: Default.htm=15'671; Hiking.htm=7'686; Wandern.htm=745
Feb 27 New page Snapshots
Feb 22 Remarks about Referendum added. (gotthard_road)
Nov 17 Church and tower St.Martin, supplements. (old_democracy)
Nov 2 Added Maderanertal (Draft). (Uri_reusstal)
Oct 3 Lukmanier-Airolo added (Leventina)
Sept 4 Grimsel added. (Goms)
Aug 30 Notes about Joel R. Poinsett. (Old democraty)
Aug 29 Furka-Oberwald added. (Goms)
Aug 20 Notes concerning Loch - Chapel. (Goms)
Aug 15 Goms, Pictures added. Details.
Aug 3 Gries/Nufenenpass added
July 31 Raten-Sattel and pictures added
July 15 Surenenpass added
July 12 Piatus Mittagguepfi added. Usterbank added.
May 26 Pictures added
May 18 Horben, Lindenberg included
May 8 Sihlmaettli amended
April 22 Lorzentobel included
April 9 Ferry Gersau-Beckenried time table update
Mar 29 Links corrected
Mar 21 Guest book: private names/addresses removed, in order to prevent visitors from being molested by unsolicited mail.
Mar 2 Pictures added
Feb 24 Visitor-Statistic: Default.htm=10'023; Hiking.htm=5'941; Wandern.htm=647
Feb 18 Minor changes in part Gotthard and imagemap
Feb 1 Tables on main pages "Hiking" and "walks" modified
Jan 30 Old mule track routes Nufenen, Gries, Grimsel, Surenen added.
Link to Baerfallen on Rigi page
Jan 20
Michaelskreuz added
Dec 15 Timetable updated
Nov 8 Added Gotthard road. Modified Gotthard train.
Oct 31 Realp-Furka added. Minor changes in Wildspitz. Links ISP/mobile Phone removed.
Oct 16 Pictures added: Nendaz, Leventina
Oct 11 Leventina: Rodi-Piottino Gorge-Faido falls-Giornico added
Sept 22 Nendaz included
Aug 27 Pictures Immensee, Roggenstock, Ritom, Wildspitz, Albishorn added.
Aug 22 Immensee included
Aug 14 Albishorn supplemented, tour Lago Ritom added.
Aug 8 Baar-Kappel changed, Albishorn added
Aug 3 Tables, design change
July 31 Wildspitz: Sattel-Walchwil added
July 24 Pilatus edited
July 14 Roggenstock added. Pictures inserted.
July 10 Pso di Lucendro added
July 6 Hochybrig added
July 2 Link list rearranged
June 18 Aegeri and Menzingen reorganized and extended.
June 10 Chamoson, lower Valais, added
May 25 Tour Rigi-Scheidegg - Urmiberg added
April 24 Page Wildspitz extended
April 15 Walk Zugerberg-Allenwinden added
April 9 Map Wildspitz added
Mar 26 Begin of part "old passroads.
This section grow with the time.
Mar 1 Minor changes, picture Baarburg included.
Notes about Gruet added
Feb 2 Link included, minor corrections
Jan 17 Top pages, new Logo
Jan 11 Links corrected
Jan 9 2002 Startpage changed
Nov 22 Timetables for Zug-Raten and Zug-Sattel added
Nov 20 Roots: text added 
Nov 2 Baarburg added
Oct 22 Sattel Hochstuckli included in various pages.
Oct 5 Changes in "Baar-Kappel"; pictures in Aletsch, 
Strada alta, Roots added.
Sep 30 Strada alta altered.
Sep 20 History Chapter on 1800 added.
Aug 30 Aletsch reworked
Aug 26 Pictures added: Chinzig, Wildspitz, Gotthard.
Aug 16 Chinzig trail added
Aug 11 "Extended" hikes added.
Aug 3 Wildspitz: Sattel-Goldau added, 
structur modified
July 30 Gotthard Hospiz - Val Canaria - Airolo added.
Zugerberg extended
July 23 "Urschner Hoehenweg" added
July 15 Pictures added
Juli 10 Eggbergen, Hald, Seelisberg-Fluelen added. Layout changes.
July 1 Zugerberg, topic Raebrueti reworked.Pictures added.
June 26 Napf added
June 11 Remarks Email from Telephone-Booths added
May 30 Pictures added. Sihlmatt, Steinhauserwald, Rigi.
May 12 Sihlmaettli extended.
April 26 Zugerberg: Schoenegg walk and Reussspitz added. Town walk added.
April 5 Zugerberg: additional infos, map, links
Feb 16 Pictures Wildenburg and Sankt Jost added. Cham walk added
Feb 2 Winter hikes, Logo to "reisen.ch" 
Jan 29 Text Wildenburg added
Jan 11 Targets in "Link" in new windows. 
Jan 5 Motels map added
Jan 3 2001 Hotel Links added
Dec 27 Page about Gotthard railway line added
Dec 9 Map for moor lake added, authors photo replaced, navigation bars changed
Nov 30 Image map added
Nov 21 Photos Hirzel, Gubel, Wildspitz, Saumweg added.
Nov 8 Horgenberg, Saumweg added.
Oct 25 Info Laundry added. Gubel added.
Oct 16 Minor changes.
Oct 10 Search, Guestbook, counter, sitemap added.
Oct 7 Subdirectory "wandern" added (german), Menues and design adapted.
Oct 1 Wildpath Niederbauen-Klewenalp added.
"Roots" added.
Sep 8 Andermatt-Oberalp added. Wildspitz-Gnipen  partly revised.
Sep 4 Subnet in German added. Due to space quota this part will be published later on.
Aug 30 Ferry Gersau/Beckenried: time table added. Part Niederbauen-Klewen added.
Aug 22 Text moved into tables, standard size 500, some details. Directory listing added.
Aug 17 Fotos and text for Raten included.
Aug 15 Stanserhorn revised. Second window for fotos.
Aug 5 Changes in hierarchy. Pictures as buttons for faster loading. 
July 30 Meta tags in all main pages, details.
July 29 Some file names changed, details for better search machine use.
July 27 Meta Tags Keywords, Abstract and Description added. Topin-Live-camera Links on some pages added.
July 24 Aegeri, Klewenalp, Stanserhorn added. Text in Rigi changed. Link added.
July 16 Details, Link added. Page Rigi, layout changed.
July 6. Tierpark Goldau, text altered. Strada alta added. Pictures added. Schwinget added.
June 21: Default page changed. "Tierpark" added
June 20: Changed Tag "titel". Table for Change Log.
June 14: Personal notes (author) and Main page changed and shortenend.
June 10:

Stoos added. Pictures to Stoos, Mythen, Wildspitz, Pilatus added.

May 29th:

Page "Pilatus" added. Insight differently organized (sub pages). Some minor changes on other pages. Main Navigation bar moved from top horizontal to left side/top/vertical.

May 26th:

Pictures added to the newer pages.

May 17th:

Added "Wildspitz"

May 16th:

Added "Weg der Schweiz".

May 13th:

Layout of page "Insights" changed. List of content and corresponding links added.
Link to "swissinfo" corrected.

May 12th:

Tables: sizes of cells absolute values assigned.
Overview tables with  routes, rough distances and estimated times added.
Minor changes in some texts.

May 8th:

This page added.
Baar-Kappel, picture added, layout changed.


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