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Schweizer Seiten

Heritage sites


Walking tours: Different guided tours are available. Check at "Zuerich Tourismus" (Near the left end of the ticket mall in the main station).

Some proposals:

Short tour: It's just across the Limmat bridge where you find a romantic funicular. In a minute you'll be taken up to the University terrace for a interesting view. 

Art at Stadtpolizei: Why not visit the nearby City Police station (Stadt-Polizei Hauptwache)? It's situated about 200 m from the Main railway station on "Bahnhof Quay" (not Bahnhof Strasse), at river Limmat.
The entrance hall is unique. The room consists of Zuerichpillars and bows and the ceiling is painted by Augusto Giacometti. It reminds you a bit of 1001 nights. By the way, in the nearby parking "Urania" is an internet cafe and a  pizza restaurant.

Across the railway station in a citadel like building is the Swiss national museum with a wide range of exhibits from all parts of Switzerland.

Rapperswil-Steg. Mountaintop is Bachtel
The "Rose town" with it's dominant castle is a tidy small town well worth a visit. It can be reached by regular boat or by train. The lovely stroll from Pfaeffikon over the (1 hr) is part of the popular Jacob's trail. Rapperswil has quite a few Restaurants, and don't miss the climb up to the castle.

GPX-Route Pfaffikon-Rapperswil.


Lindt Chocolate shop: Factory shop in Kilchberg on the Zuerichsee, at Seestrasse 204. 
Open 10:00 AM - 5 PM, Mo ... Fr.
www.lindt.ch then click "Lindt shop".
From Railway station Kilchberg (Trains S24, S8) some 30 Minutes down (Hotel Loewen, Boat jetty) then south along Seestrasse. From Boat jetty some 20 Minutes south along Seestrasse. Or Bus 165, ex Buerkliplatz.

Albis: Access to the nearby mountain range is very easy by using the train to Uetliberg. Trains leave from the underground platforms of Zuerich main station.

Horgenberg: This region with the soft hills is the place where Johanna Spyri, the writer of "Heidi" and other books grew up. The little village Hirzel is Johanna Spyri's birthplace. In the old schoolhouse is a small museum.

Short tour

Polybahn at halfway

Zuerich from Poly terrace

Polybahn:   The little mountain railway is at "Central", in walking distance from the railway main station.

You get to "Central" by crossing the main station mall with the ticketing boots (on the end on the left is the tourist information). Walk on in the same direction. After crossing river Limmat you are at "Central" with a couple of tram stops. Polybahn is in one of the buildings. The trains are  automatically operated. Get the ticket (1.20 Franken) from the ticket  machine, enter the car and in a  minute you are up on the hill overlooking Zuerich. Enjoy the walk along the terrace of the university. After 200m there follows a path down into nearby Niederdorf.

In the area on the terrace are some interesting museums (Mo closed) and the ETH-library (Su closed). Admittance is free.

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Entrance hall at Stadtpolizei

Augusto Giacometti was born 1877 in Stampa, Bergell (On the route St. Moritz - Maloja Pass - Chiavenna/Italy, about 6 km from the Italian border). He used to live in Zuerich from 1915 until he died in 1947.
He also painted the bows in the nearby Landesmuseum and Glass windows in churches in Chur, Davos, Kueblis, Zuerich (Fraumuenster, Grossmuenster, Wasserkirche).


Ceiling in main police station

Ceiling in main police station
Ceiling in the City police hall, painted by Augusto Giacometti

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Albis walks

See also Albishorn tour on Baar-Kappel-Albis page.

Uetliberg-Felsenegg-Buchenegg: (about 2 hrs one way). 

View from Albis towards Zurich View from Albis to Zuerich
Albis km walking Hrs. walking
Uetliberg-Felsenegg-(Buchenegg) 4.5 (6) 1.25 (2)
Felsenegg-Adliswil (cable car)-
Adliswil-Zuerich (railway)

Once up on the top this is an easy walk and very rewarding. After leaving the train you shouldn't miss the visit to the viewing platforms. 

The walk along the rim of the Albis chain to Felsenegg and further on will every now and then allow  views either to Zuerich, the lake or into the mountain range of the Innerschweiz. Distributed along the way there are about six Restaurants. 

At Felsenegg (of course with a Restaurant again) there is a cable car down to Adliswil, where you can take a train back to Zuerich (Sihltalbahn). There is also a well kept walking path down to Adliswil. 

On Buchenegg there are two Restaurants. Chnusperhuesli (former Naefenhaus) is for you, if you love fairy tales. The "stable of happy chicken" is a lovely made up Restaurant decorated with witches in ceiling beams, among hundreds of (straw) chicken, in a stable-like wood house adjacent to the main building.

If you prefer to climb up to Uetliberg: there's a well kept walking path from Triemli or Albisguetli Tram stop. If you prefer to use the private car, a good starting point is Buchenegg or Albis Pass (an additional hour).

The track from Uetliberg to Buchenegg is a planet's walk. There are signs explaining our planet system (scaled) and you get an idea of the giant distances in the universe and the sizes of the planets. 

There are many options for walks of different length and adjustable to many preferences. For a breathtaking view walk the 30 Minutes from Albispass (Bus) to Hochwacht and climb the tall watchtower. There is a shelter, tables and a fireplace nearby. 
An additional 50 Minutes would get you to Albishorn (see walk Baar-Kappel). 
On that track you'll pass the knoll with Ruine "Schnabelburg" atop (steep narrow track). Schnabelburg in mediaeval times was a check point for the mule track between Zuerich (by Langnau) and Zug. 
After a while there follows steep ascent to Buerglenstutz, the highest point on the Albis mountain chain (915 m). 

In nearby Langnau there is a nature park with a variety of animals and enjoyable walking tracks as well.
lang1.JPG (22082 Byte) lanh2.JPG (25463 Byte) lang3.JPG (21549 Byte) Langnau
Wildlife park

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