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Heritage sites

Hikes from the Reuss valley

Lots of hikes can easily be started in this area. Cable cars will bring you quick and comfortable to a higher starting point.

Haldi: A lovely alpine village that offers both short and extended Walks and hikes. The hike to Schilt will take you up to quiet alp meadows and to remarkable lookouts.
Link: https://haldi-uri.ch/
Schaechentaler Hoehenweg: The popular track runs from Klausenpass (Balm Klausen) to Eggbergen above Fluelen, with a couple of cable cars for the return back down into the valley
Untere Balm - Ratzi.
- Ratzi - Eggbergen.
- Balmer Graetli.
Klausenpass to Brunnital: Along Chammliberg - Schaerhorn by Wannelen into Brunnital. 
Sittlisalp-Aesch: By Brunnital to the striking Waterfall at Aesch.
Eggbergen: Another favorite offering good walking and hiking tracks. The hike to Spilauersee will bring us over the 2000 m range and present us with marvelous views.
Chinzig: A trail that will bring us from Schaechental to Muotathal.
Surenenpass: This old mule track connects Reusstal with the alps on Surenen and Engelberg valley.
Maderanertal: Turning left at Amsteg and climbing some 250 m to Bristen, a beautiful valley opens. A popular route is by Golzernsee to the old Hotel "SAC Maderanertal". Extension to Huefihut and -Glacier.


Haldi - Gampelen - Schilt - Schattdorf km hrs
Fluelen-Schattdorf (bus)    
Schattdorf-Haldi (cable car)    
12 4.5
Schattdorf-Fluelen (bus)    

Leaving the cable car station on a Bitumen road we are passing newer and older chalets. The ascent is never steep and we have time to enjoy the pretty setting surrounded by dozens of mountain peaks.

Soon we reach the pretty little church at Sodberg. Catholics will be surprised to find inside a similar black Madonna as in Einsiedeln.

kirche.JPG (26360 Byte) Church,

We proceed to Suessberg, to the other side of the valley Teuftal. After about 50 m of the Marker there is a new sign pointing the track to Gampelen, Schilt. It's quite a steep ascent now. At first in a almost straight line up between two fences, later after passing Haseli a forest track will follow. The bank above Haseli with the beautiful lookout gives us an excuse for a short rest.

Suddenly we reach a high plateau, alp Gampelen with a couple of alp huts. A quiet, remote plain. In a bow the alp meadows are protected by Schwarz Grat, Baelmeten, Hoech Fulen.

gampelen.JPG (29318 Byte) On alp Gampelen

We walk along the plain. A marker to the track for Schilt can be seen near the last alp hut. 50 m on, a sign marks the forest track to Schilt.

This narrow track is now really fantastic. Passing alp roses, blueberry bushes, ferns, light forest, flowers, the track follows the flank of Schwarz Grat on about the same altitude. Walking, we are slowly recognizing, that we are entering the Reusstal.

At Schilt the lookout is breathtaking. Far below Altdorf, Schattdorf, Fluelen. Nearby Urnersee, Gitschen, Rophaien, Fronalpstock.

schilt.JPG (32819 Byte) Near Schilt

From Schilt we follow the signs for Lehn, Schattdorf. From time to time we reach a pretty lookout. Soon we are on a fairly new forest road. 

We reach a crossing where we have the option for going left along this service road by Bruederhuus, Aecherli, or by Lehn. Choosing Lehn straight on, we reach stables and the farmhouse. The Hiking track down by Bol can be found about 20 m before the little hut on the end of the service road. walking to the nut tree the white/red/white stick can be seen at the border of the forest. The track is steep and is zigzagging steep down in a almost straight line.

Now the church on the hill guides us to the upper part of the village. From here it's a short way back to where we started.

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Schaechentaler Hoehenweg

Schaechentaler Hoehenweg
Fluelen-Balm (Klausen) Postauto (Urigen-Klausen only June - Oct)
stops for transfer to cable car stations along the route
Many options for hikes
From cable car stations to Fluelen

SchaechTaler-HWeg.jpg (218116 Byte)Active map:
GPS-routes (3 parts)

  Alpwechsel.jpg (71194 Byte)For the whole route a time of about 5.5 hrs is estimated. Below three parts about the area. 
On the picture we see the move of cattle from a higher Alp to one on lower ground. From the date of the Swiss "Thanksgiving" (mainly a church matter, no feasting), cattle are removed from the alps, no more cow bells - it's very quiet then up there. 

Untere Balm (Klausen) to Ratzi:

4 hrs (without detour Ruosalper Chulm 3 h).

Here at the Postauto stop "Untere Balm (Klausen)", most of the hikers begin the tour towards Eggbergen.

However, if you first need a coffee, stay on the Postauto for the next stop, „Balm Klausen“, some 800 m on and 50 m higher up.

If you favor rim-tours, you’ll start the walk via “Balmer Graetli”. The recently improved track “in the sky” is an ideal combination, see below.

Heidmannegg.jpg (61305 Byte)From Untere Balm the first part is on the driveway towards Heidmannegg.

Shortly after the stables, a path to the right is heading up to Ruosalper Chulm. Although a detour of about one hour with ascent and descent of  400 m, it allows a view from atop over into  Bisistal and Glattalp. Here the rim-track from Balmer Ruosalp-Chulm.jpg (52349 Byte) Graetli is merging.
A compromise for people not too enthusiastic with walks along abysses, but interested on a peek down the other side of the mountain.

The normal „Hoehenweg“ runs with little changes in altitude to Heidmannegg, where the other track from Ruosalper Chulm is merging.

For the time being, the road follows the rock walls of the SchaechentalerHWeg.jpg (64662 Byte) Heidmannegger Choepf, but soon we’re on a pleasant mountain track.

Passing a couple of Alps , again and again we’re enjoying the view into the Uri mountains: ahead Spannort, Brunnistock, Urirotstock,Gitschen; across the Schaechental is Chammliberg, Schaerhorn, Ruchen. The rocky escarpment to the right of the track is part of Schaechentaler Windgaelle area.

After Grotzenegg, where we cross a wooded area, a mountain track is carrying down to Urigen, actually the begin of the real Klausenpass road, with Postauto stop and Hotel/Restaurant; the former exchange for the Horses.

A next option for the descent into the valley is Tristel, with the cable car down to Spirigen/Chipfen.

My goal was some way on, the cable car station Ratzi/Spirigen Post, a descent of some 100 m. From the Hotel/Restaurant there is an excellent view into the Uri mountain scenery

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Ratzi - Eggbergen:

3.5 hrs

From the cable car station and the Restaurant, a forest track is winding up to the Hoehenweg. It is also part of the local round walk.
Shortly after hitting the driveway, we reach the turnoff for the track to Chinzig Chulm.

Our route to Eggbergen is proceeding above the woods. After a sharp bend in the road, at Wiltschi with the sklifts and a cable car for materials and a Restaurant, a track turns off to the left. It passes the little church and heads for the cable car station Biel/Rietlig/Bruegg.

We proceed straight on, passing different Alps , many of them producing and selling Alp cheese.
Alafur-Sirup.jpg (46206 Byte)At Alafur („at the source“) a friendly inhabitant is providing syrup (if I’m correct, then last summer the consumption was over 300 liter), a big wooden bench is provided as well.

Proceeding along the road, a turnoff for Rietlig is passed. Another cable car down to Bruegg.
A long wide bend, then a short ascent and we’ve reached Fleschseeli. The little lake is a very popular target. Shelter, washroom and a kiosk (closed off season) are provided.

Schaerhorn.jpg (53550 Byte)If we’re choosing the track to the left, rather then the road, we’ll reach Huenderegg, a marvelous lookout on 1874 m. With the help of the panorama board the peaks in the nearer or farther distance may be defined.

The track goes on, passing woods and pastures and later, after a sharp descent, we’re again on the gravel road to Eggbergen.
The cable car connects with Fluelen.

From the lower base it’s about 15 Minutes to the Railway station. (For cable car ride plus walk to the station I would plan 30 Minutes).

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Balmer Graetli

Round tour from/to Balm (Klausen) 3 hrs.

BalmerGraetli-Pfad.jpg (59540 Byte)This newer mountain track is a pleasure for lovers of rim walks. The track is well marked and mostly clearly recognizable. Atop, along the rim, the track is very narrow, but the layout is excellent. Rock climbing is not needed. On the real rim, on the „Graetli“, the view is fantastic. Among other views, we see into Bisistal and over to Glattalp. 

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Klausenpass to Brunnital

Klausen-Wannelen-Trogen-USchächen.JPG (86076 Byte)Interactive map:

(5 hrs) On the way to Klausenpass, looking at the rocky slopes of Chammliberg and the Schaerhorn with the white Griess Firn in between, it's a bit surprising to find a lovely route passing just over there and leading to the alp Wannelen (with cable car to Ribi Blick ins Schächental.jpg (67731 Byte) and the Postauto line). From Wannelen the scenic track proceeds into deep cut Brunnital.
Although there are spots with breathtaking views, the route shouldn't be too scary for people with a dislike for viewpoints near an abyss.

The track begins just at the little chapel on the pass summit (1948 m). The road is  ascending moderately to the Chammli alp on 2050 m. Along the way Chammliberg-Schärhorn.jpg (82933 Byte) there are many magnificent views into Schaechental, far down to the Reuss plains, and over to the other side of the valley with the Schaechentaler Hoehenweg and the rocky Schaechentaler Windgaelle. The karst landscape is full of deep cuts and stones with polished surfaces, sometimes showing amazing sculptures.

After crossing the rubble filled area under Chammliberg and Schaerhorn and a descent into Oberalp with the tiny lakes, we're on a zigzag track to Niederalp. The GriesFirn-Schärhorn.jpg (63869 Byte) short climb to Wannelen is over alpine pasture and again we're provided with excellent views. 
At Oberalp a cable car connects with Aesch. From there an excellent view to the impressive water fall Staeubae is guaranteed; from Aesch, Ribi (1 hr) or Unterbalm (1.5 hrs), can be reached, both with Bus stop.

At Wannelen it's probably time for a rest at the small Restaurant. The cable car down to Ribi allows a convenient short cut of the hike. At Ribi there is a Bus stop for the Postauto to Fluelen or Klausen-Linthal. 

Sittlisalp.jpg (67904 Byte)From Wannelen the route continues into the Brunni valley to Brunnialp. Along the path high up along the pastures and through wooded areas we're watching amazed the alp huts across the valley and at the Sittlis alp (cable car station, distance from Unterschächen 1.5 km on Bitumen road). 
To the southern end of the valley the rock walls of Ruchen and Wingaellen with patches of snow are quite impressive. 
The road passes Trogen alp (1500 m) with a track down to the valley ground. I chose the track after alp Nider Lammerbach (1500 m). The road to Unterschaechen on the right of the Schaechenbach is partly Bitumen, partly gravel. The hiking track is to the left of the river and merges with the drive way after the cable car station.

After merging with the river Lammerbach the river along the road is named Hinter Schaechenbach, the river coming from Klausen is the Vorder Schaechenbach. Both parts are merging at Unterschaechen to the Schaechenbach. In 2005 it has caused severe flooding in the Schattdorf area.



Sittlis-Aesch.JPG (76379 Byte)Interactive map:

(5 hrs) This is the continuation of the route mentioned above. A cable car makes an easy climb to Sittlisalp. The walk from Unterschaechen takes about half an hour on the Bitumen road. 
The hiking track starts from the cable car station Vorder Boden (1617 m) with the small Restaurant. A detour would bring us to Obsaum on 1725 m and a magnificent view (1 hr return).

Sittlisalp.jpg (65076 Byte)Sittlisalp with the large modern cheese dairy (visits possible after appointment) is half an hour apart, on a flat road passing Laui. The descent to Brunnialp is on a well marked track. Near the Restaurant at Brunnialp (1395 m) we're on the crossroads to Unterschaechen and, turning right, up towards Trogenalp
This part is a comfortable ascent through woods to alps Nider Lammerbach and Trogen. After Trogenalp we're on a narrow mountain track climbing towards Wannelen. Slowly the path changes direction from S/N to W/E; from Brunnital we're entering Schaechental.
Stäubä.jpg (88736 Byte)After Wannelen we're following the same route as above, but at Nideralp we follow the mountain track to the left, down to alp Aesch. The track is well marked and the waterfall can be heard quite clearly. Although only when we reach the pastures at Aesch the Staeubae fall can be seen.

From Aesch a driveway makes it an easy walk to the Postauto stop at Ribi, where we pass the cable car station for Wannelen. Unterschaechen can be reached on a hiking track in less then 20 minutes. 


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Eggbergen-Fleschsee.jpg (277120 Byte)Active map roundtrip to Fleschseeli

Eggbergen-Spilaueresee-Eggbergen km hrs
Fluelen-Eggbergen (cable car)    
Eggbergen-Fleschsee-Schoen Chulm-Siwfass(pass)-
Spilauersee-Schoen Chulm-Fleschsee-Angelingen-Eggbergen
13 6
Option: Spilauersee-Lidernen Huette SAC-Riemenstalden    
Eggbergen-Fluelen (cable car)    

From the cable car station we walk between hamlets and chalets.

haldi_schwarzgrat.JPG (28084 Byte) To the left Haldi 
with Schilt and Schwarz Grat

Soon after the last house we're at a marker which will bring us, after a couple of steps up onto a pretty track in a light forest.

urirotst.JPG (37402 Byte) Pretty scenery,
Uri Rotstock on extreme right

Proceeding in the direction of Huenderwegg we will make a short detour up to the nearby hill, rewarding us with a great lookout. On the path to Flesch Seeli we are passing lovely Alp flora with blueberry's, alp roses, Erica's.

The little lake is prettily embedded in the hills 

fleschsee.JPG (37163 Byte) Flesch See

From the lake we're proceeding to Schoen Chulm. The track is recognizable from afar. The begin of the track is made recognizable by marked rocks. The ascent is steep but the track is excellent.

On Schoen Chulm we enjoy the fantastic view.

sch_chulm.JPG (27509 Byte) Above Schoen Chulm

For the pass at Siwfass there is an additional steep ascent, but we will be rewarded by a gorgeous view. Part of the Spilauer See on the other side of the pass can now be seen.

spilauer.JPG (37113 Byte) Spilauer See

Back to Eggbergen we choose the road to the right at the Flesch Seeli, by Angelingen.

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Biel-Chinzig-Hinterthal km hrs
Zug-Fluelen (SBB)    
Fluelen-Bruegg (Bus)
(Postauto Fluelen-Klausen-Linthal:
reserve seats at Fluelen SBB-Stn)
Bruegg-Biel (cable car)    
Biel-Chinzig-Seenalpsee-Seenalp-Liplisbuel-Hinterthal 12 5.5
Hinterthal-Schwyz (Bus)    

This route is also marked as "Suworow Wanderung". General Suworow 200 years ago has crossed Chinzig pass with his Army to get to Muotathal. 
But it's not only history that makes this trail attractive. Since it's a bit off the more "populated" areas, especially the Chinzig-Seenalpsee part is a quiet and peaceful region.

We start at Biel. 
The Postauto has stopped at Bruegg (bridge), that's after Buerglen where Klausenpass road crosses the "Schaechen" river. The small cable car has two sections and brings us quickly up onto a beautiful alpine region.
schaerhorn.JPG (31045 Byte) Above Biel

From the station the trail crosses alp meadows and in steady ascent we reach the pretty chapel Bruder Klaus. Nearby is the second Restaurant (dormitory's, rooms). 

After about 40 Minutes the steep flanks of a mountain chain are in front. The trail is clearly visible, in a steady pace on a excellent track we will be lead to the pass.
chulm.JPG (42833 Byte) At Chinzig Chulm
with Chapel and shelter

On the pass with a little chapel and a board in remembrance of General Suworow we have fantastic views into mountains and down to Reuss valley.
seenalptal.JPG (36370 Byte)

Turning left we'll pass Seenalptal.
Chinzertal is to the right.

chinzigtal.JPG (38421 Byte)

There are two tracks to Muotathal. The one to the right follows the Chinzig valley. We choose the track to the left, by Seenalpsee. After about 200 m we pass near the Alphut Chinzig. May be you'd like to get some Alp Cheese for the break at the Seenalpsee.

On rocks in the soil we find the direction of the track: it follows the rocky walls of the mountain chains to our left with Fulen, Chaiserstock, Bluemberg as the biggest ones. It's a lovely track over alp meadows with rocks visible everywhere.
seenalpsee.JPG (33129 Byte) Pretty Seenalpsee

From the lake the descent to alp Seenalp gets a bit steeper. At Seenalp you may get tasty "Mutschli", small Cheese the form of a thick pie. The sizes vary from about 300 gr to 800 gr. Handy to take home for dinner. 

From Seenalp down to Huerital there is a gravel road. Perhaps you prefer this one to the fairly steep trail. Near the valley floor the Seenalp road merges with the Chinzertal road. When we reach the river we choose the track to the left (not marked), following the river. The new road runs on the other side. Soon we cross a marker, pointing up to Seenalp. After crossing the river (the area is used as parking) the trail follows the Bitumen road, but soon there follows a track turning off to the left. Later we're again on the Bitumen road, but as before, there will be a turnoff again and we'll be on a fairly steep path.

At Liplisbuel the track begins to the right of the Restaurant. The final part above Hinterthal runs directly along the wild river. It has cut deep gorges and caves into the rock, a very amazing stretch as finale furioso.

The nearest Bus stop is at Hinterthal (Muotathal, hintere Bruecke). The main road would lead to Hoelloch, Pragelpass and Bisistal.

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Attinghausen and its Freemen have played an important role on the founding of the Swiss federation. A visit of the ruin and the explanation boards will give some thoughts concerning history.

The old mule track on this side of the mountain is remarkable. It's a kind of hollow cobblestone road. With that construction, cattle on the way up to the alps were prevented from walking off the track. The height difference to Bruesti is about 1000 m and it's quite a bit steep.

I did the tour from Engelberg to Attinghausen, because the train connections back to Zug suited me better.

Surenenpass (Engelberg-Attinghausen) hrs
Zug-Luzern-Engelberg (train)  
Engelberg-cable car station at Hindrist
shuttle bus between Rail and cable car station in peak season

then cable car Fuerenalp**

Fuerenalp-Uesser Aebnet-Hohbiel-Staeuber-
Bruesti-Attinghausen** (cable car)  
Attinghausen-Altdorf or Flueelen (Bus)  
Altdorf or Flueelen - Zug (train)  

**special ticket available for use of both cable car lines

From Engelberg rail station a Bitumen pedestrian road leads into a residential area. Then a gravel road turns to the right and after crossing main road and river Engelberger Aa we're on a convenient hiking track. For most of the time it follows directly the river, passing the sport area, a camping area, a Golf driving range. Finally near the end of the Golf range it enters the woods. Nearby the waterfall is roaring. 
The base of the cable car line with large parking lot is across the river nearby. The track proceeds on to Herrenrueti: to Surenenpass it's about 4 hrs from here. 

After a remarkable ride over imposing rock walls the Restaurant and top station on Fuerenalp with breathtaking view is reached.

The trail over alp meadows with fantastic view is accompanied by the roar of the many creeks and waterfalls in the rock walls across the valley. Titlis looks a bit different from this side.

Passing Uesser Aebnet (another cable car to the lower Surenen valley below), at Staeuber finally we reach the scenic waterfall, the main destination for many hikers.

BlackenalpFor Surenenpass the trail is now climbing: not really steep, but steady. After a rest on Blackenalp, where delicious alp cheese is being produced, the steeper ascent for the last part of the way to the pass follows. 

At the summit with the cozy shelter just a few meters back, the Sandwich containing genuine Blackenalp cheese tastes exceptional.

From above, the track towards Attinghausen looks quite a bit steep. It's now after mid-July and there are still snow fields to cross. Although the track is very well marked. At the Going EastJunction with the appropriate name "Langschnee" (long snow):
The shorter and probably preferred track from Langschnee to Bruesti is the one to the left along the rim and directly to Bruesti.

I chose the longer route to the right, passing Waldnacht, Seeli, BergenKapelle Hoechiberg. A bit annoying is the fact, that this trail descends lower then the top station at Bruesti and therefore the altitude difference of some 100 m has to be regained. 
Fortunately nearby a nostalgic cable car is in operation. It runs up to Bruesti. A note at the house with the words "Seilwart da" tells that the operator is nearby, somewhere.
Access to the lake (a regulatory reservoir for the hydro electric power plant) is not permitted.

At Hoechiberg is the turnoff down to Attinghausen, needed time approximately 2 hours.

BruestiFor me the lovely track ended with a drink on the Restaurant terrace. The Cable car is divided into two sections: the lower sections ends right at the bus stop.  



The small village Golzern (alt. 1400 m) and nearby Lake can be reached comfortably by Bus (off Erstfel) and cable car.

Starting at Golzern, a popular route is by Staefel (with turn off for Windgaellenhuette or "SAC Hotel Maderenertal"), then proceeding for Tritt, there instead of continuing straight on for Huefihuette and -glacier, returning by Balmeregg/SAC Hotel, Butzensee to Bristen (4.5 h). 


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