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to GPS-Datafiles Download Chraebel-Fruttli-Scheidegg
Chraebel-Rotenfluh Allmig-Burggeist-Scheidegg
Option: from above track to Scheidegg
For experienced Hikers!

Seeboden to Rigi Kulm by Abeggenhuettli, Baenderweg

Download PDF-File ("Kroki3.pdf" 106 kB)
The downloadable map shows a selection of lovely  hiking tracks.

Rigi, Lauerzersee The Rigi mountain chain as seen from the Schwyz area

Chraebel-Daechli: (1 hour) By this new, marvelous section of track,  hikers have got a interesting starting point for a range of Rigi tours: Hikers with private car can park almost directly at the hiking track, train users may skip the lower part (Goldau-Chraebel) of the track which is Bitumen road.
Scheidegg: The comfortable way to reach Scheidegg is by using the cable car from Chraebel (above Goldau). The easy walking track from Scheidegg to Unterstetten, Rigi First, Kaltbad used to be a railway line. 
Kaltbad has a Railway station with connections (red trains) to Vitznau and Rigi Kulm.  A cable car connects Weggis. The jetty in Vitznau is next to the Rigi train station, so returning to Luzern by (steam) ship is very popular.   
Rigi First is a train stop too, with connections to Chraebel - Goldau and Rigi Kulm (blue trains).
Scheidegg-Gaetterli-Urmiberg: This hike is less known than the other ones. We're more or less moving from west to east. Urmiberg with "Timpel" and the small cable car from Brunnen allows a spectacular view into the mountains of Schwyz, Uri and Nidwalden.
Brunnen-Fruttli/Kloesterli: Above route, starting in Brunnen, then proceeding to Timpel(Urmiberg) and on by Gaetterli-Burggeist (below Scheidegg). Then following the track to Fruttli or Kloesterli to the Train stations of Arth-Rigibahn.
Vitznau: From Vitznau it's a steep climb on a good walking track either directly to Kaltbad or by Hinterbergen/Unterstetten. In summer you should start early in the morning. Afternoons can get a bit hot. On the track by Hinterbergen you'll pass a path to the cave at Steigelfadbalm. This cave was just a few thousand years ago inhabited by cave people. 
As an option, for Hinterbergen (www.hinterbergen.ch) you may use the small cable car (a second cable car connects Wissiflue, www.wissifluh.ch).
Weggis: Two interesting tracks lead to Chaenzeli and Kaltbad. Nearing the upper end, stairs are part of the steep but marvelous climb. 
Seebodenalp: This plain is not only popular as starting point for climbing Rigi, it's also a lovely place just for strolling, maybe to Altruedisegg (www.ruodisegg.ch), an almost flat, well kept gravel road. Access to Seebodenalp is easy, either by private car (toll parking) or by cable car  from Kuessnacht. The cable car station is about 500 m towards Vitznau.
A Winter walk: Rigi offers some 35 Km of well prepared Winter walking tracks as well ski slopes and Toboggan runs.
Kloesterli-Kulm-Staffel: On steady climb to the top and to Rigi Staffel.


GrinnThe Bull: Enjoying the hikes, the sights, the smells on Rigi might bring up some memories, perhaps makes one dream...
Here is the story of a young bull that cheated his butcher...

Schwingfest: As on many mountains, there are some festivity's going on, especially during the summer months. An important event is the "Rigi Schwinget", wrestling in a splendid arena-like spot at Rigi Staffel.

Rigi Berglauf (Traegerlauf):

Traegerlauf: In the beginning of the development of mountain tourism, Ladies were carried on chairs to the top of Rigi.

In remembrance to this times and to the carriers ("Traeger"), every year in August a championship is held: 
a run from Arth to the top of Rigi, (although without sedans).

Route: Arth(Zugersee)-Oberarth-Daechli-Kloesterli-Staffel-Kulm.
Distance 11.3 km, difference in altitude 1380 m. 
The fastest make it in about 1 hour!

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Getting to Craebel

Private car: Exit "Goldau" on "A4" (from Zug, that's shortly after the second tunnel), directly after exit there follows a large parking lot on the right (toll), this is the parking with train stop "A4", but proceeding straight on, at Chraebel cable car station and Rigibahn stop "Chraebel", there is another large parking (a lower and a upper lot), toll parking: CHF 5.- per 24 Hours (May 2007). The Hiking track to Daechli begins just across the train tracks.

Train users: In the Zug "Tageskarte" Arth Goldau is included. Treat yourself with a the short Rigibahn trip to Chraebel (two stops), since the lower part of the road is Bitumen.

Chraebel - Daechli

Aabachtobel BrueckeThe track from Chraebel to the "old" Daechli track runs along the lower shoulder of Chraebelwand. On the forest track a couple of small creeks have to be crossed. A wooden bridge covers the ravine of the Rigiaa creek. The little river has done quite a bit of work. 
Daechli with the Terrace offers a superb view down to the Zugersee, Arth, Goldau over to Walchwilerberg and to Gnipen.
Presently May 2007, Restaurant open Fr-Sun

Daechli, a choice of various tours:

To Rigi Kulm (3 hrs) by Blatten, Zingel
or by Resti, Gruenholz, Schwaendi, Chaesernholz, Kulmhuette (at Chaesernholz Gruobi Fireplace and shelter);
Zingel Near Zingel
to Staffel (2 hrs) by Kloesterli, Des Alpes 
or by Kloesterli, First;
to Scheidegg (2.5 hrs) by Fruttli, Rothenflue Allmig, Roemer-Huette, Obermatt, Hinterdossen
or Kloesterli, Unterstetten;
Rotenflue Allmig Rothenflue Allmig
to Kaltbad (2 hrs) by Kloesterli, Heirihuette, First
or Hinterdossen (3.5 hrs; by scenic "Seeweg" or former rail track).

Scheidegg area: 
Somewhat below Scheidegg, beautifully located, is Burggeist (Restaurant, Rooms). Directly from the Restaurant a Cable car runs to Gschwaend, above Gersau. 

On the way from Chraebel to Daechli, crossing Rigiaa gorge:

WatchBridge builder's witticism 

Opening the small door reveals the picture of a potential sponsor and the account!
Account for contributions: 
Kurverein Rigi; 
Schwyzer Kantonalbank; 

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Uri Rotstock Easy road from Scheidegg to Kaltbad
Snow mountains, Uri Rotstock On the road Scheidegg - First

Here is a proposal for an easy, enjoyable route. There are a couple of restaurants where you can rest and enjoy the sights. The "Wanderweg" is well marked (yellow signs). There are a couple of different routes. 

Walk Scheidegg-Kaltbad km  hrs
Zug - Arth Goldau (train)    
Goldau-Chraebel (Rigibahn)    
Chraebel-Scheidegg (cable car)    
Scheidegg-Unterstetten-First-Kaltbad (easy route) 7 1.5
Kaltbad-Vitznau (Rigibahn)    
Vitznau-Luzern (ship)    
Luzern-Zug (train)    

From Zug to Arth Goldau it's a lovely train ride along Zugersee. 
At Goldau, Rigibahn is at one end of the SBB station, in a building across the railway line. Get off the train at Chraebel (second stop after Goldau) for the cable car to Scheidegg. Usually the lower station is not occupied. Check timetable on the wall. Before departure time is up, or if there are at least 8 people, ring the telephone bell on the wall or inside the cable car and enter the cable car (the cabin door will close automatically). Ticketing is at upper station. 

The main route from Scheidegg is a well kept gravel road. It used to be the railway track. An alternative  track is uphill, passing the little church and a Restaurant. Later the grass track, after a descent, joins the other road.
At this junction, to the left, there is a smaller path which follows the lakeside of the hill Dossen. With good shoes this is a track (Bergweg) with fantastic views over lake, alps and into the mountain ranges.   

Walking on the main track you will soon pass the old rail road tunnel. At Unterstetten, the two tracks merge again.

After passing Unterstetten (Restaurant) and "First" (Restaurant and short track to Rigibahn  station "First") you reach Kaltbad, a small mountain village with shop, Restaurants and hotels. There is also a cable car to Weggis. Here you meet the other Rigibahn track down to Vitznau (terminating near the ship station). 

If you are a romantic, there is a chance to pick a steam ship. On Vierwaldstaettersee there is a whole fleet of renovated steamships. At Luzern pick any train with direction Zurich. All the trains will stop in Zug.

If you prefer to use your car:

Take A4 (direction Gotthard)
Exit Goldau. 

  1. After Exit, on main road turn right. After 50 meter turn right again (sign "Rigi"). After another 50 m there is the large parking lot and train station for Rigi Bahn (subject to toll).
  2. Instead of the mentioned parking, drive on, up to the lower station of the cable car Chraebel-Scheidegg with parking (toll).

In order to get back to your car:
Shorten the route at "First" and catch the Rigibahn there (10 min from Restaurant).
Alternatively: at "First" climb the hill (Rotstock) and catch the train at "Staffel".
As another option, walk on to Kaltbad and from there, either by train or walking, get to "Staffel" and then by Rigibahn down to the parking.
Of course, there are also walking tracks down to the parking lots.

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Scheidegg - Urmiberg km  hrs
Zug-Arth Goldau (SBB or Bus)
Arth Goldau-Chraebel (Rigi-Bahn)
Chraebel-Scheidegg (cable car)    
Alt. Egg-Baerfallen-Brunnen
Urmiberg-Brunnen (cable car)    
Brunnen-Zug (SBB)
or Boat to Luzern

Leaving the cable car station at Scheidegg, we use the gravel road that brings us soon to the turnoff for Burggeist/Gaetterli.

At Burggeist (Restaurant and cable car to Gschwaend above Gersau) we'll choose the lovely hiking track to the left, towards Gaetterli. It follows the rim of the Rigi mountain, allowing superb views. Rossberg and the rock wall caused by the landslide of 1806 is to our left. A bit to the South the Mythen peaks dominate the view. In front of us is Rigi Hochfluh with Vitznauerstock (for some it's the Gersauerstock) to the right.

At Soeren we choose again the track to the left. We're still following the rim. The track is crossing some patches of forest. The walking is very comfortable, the descent is quite moderate.

Finally we reach Chellensack and after 100m on the Bitumen road we're at Gaetterli. The Restaurant is well known and there must be thousands of people who have celebrated here, stayed over night in the dormitory's, perhaps even slept.

For people looking for a challenge, the climb of Rigi Hochfluh can be recommended. But be warned, the track is very steep and the shoes should have a good grip.

The track to Urmiberg is to the left, almost flat. After Rohrboden the road is ascending steadily. We circumvent rocky Rigi Hochfluh.
gottertli1.jpg (15196 Byte) Gottertli
Rigi Hochfluh, Scheidegg, Kulm

At Egg we reach the point where the sight opens to the South. For Gottertli we can choose the track right up the grass hill, or proceed on the road. At the turn off for Timpel it's the other short climb to Gottertli with a superb view.
gottertli2.jpg (12655 Byte) Gottertli
Fronalpstock, Seelisberg, Niederbauen

The last part to Timpel and the Cable car station is at first rather flat, then there follows a steeper descent. The Restaurant right at the cable car station offers a fantastic view into the mountains of Central Switzerland and the Urnersee.

Alternatively we may use the track down to Brunnen by way of lovely little Restaurant Baerfallen. 

How to get to Baerfallen from Brunnen:
From Brunnen Railway Station pass "Migros Markt". Next road left direction "Wilen" and over the wooden bridge. Then turn left (don't go towards Wilen) and walk upwards towards Doerfli. After some 30 Minutes you reach the end of the Bitumen road. Now a serpentine track (10 turns, then left) brings you in another 30 Minutes right into Baerfallen. Always keep left. (Translation from Baerfallen Site) 


Brunnen-Fruttli/Kloesterli hrs
Zug - Brunnen (SBB)  
Brunnen SBB Stn.-Urmiberg Cable car Stn. 0.3
Urmiberg Cable car to Timpel
Walk to Timpel
(alt. Burggeist-Hinterdossen-Kloesterli)
Fruttli or Kloesterli - Goldau (ARB)
Goldau - Zug (SBB or Bus)

Link to active map:


From Brunnen Railway station walk along the local Brunnen-Fruttli-Kloesterl.jpg (243829 Byte)Shopping Center to the covered wooden Bridge over river Muotha. On the other side of the river, follow the road downriver or use the footpath on the Dam, to the Base station of Urmiberg Cable car.
The climb to Timpel is, all the way, pretty steep and takes about 2 hrs.
From the top station it's another climb to Gottertli, with fantastic view and a resting place with shelter (a Gruobi) and fireplace.
From here to Gaetterli it's an easy walk.
Gaetterli-Burggeist asks again for some climbing, but then with the short ascent from Burggeist to Kaltbad-Scheidegg road we're done.
The track Hinterdossen to Fruttli by Roemerhuette and Rothenflue Allmig is steeper and for the most part a "Bergweg", while the track Hinterdossen to Kloesterli, (also by Roemerhuette) is a cart track and quite comfortable. 
Remark: The sign post near Roemerhuette doesn't show the track to Kloesterli (27.5.08) and because it's just a Grass track it can easily been missed: it runs slightly to the left, almost flat, but after 50 m the track is clearly visible.

After Burggeist of course the alternative is to climb up to Scheidegg for the Cable car to Chraebel with the connection to Art Rigi Bahn.

At Hinterdossen instead of using the steeper track down to Roemerhuette, stay on the Kaltbad-Scheidegg road, comfortable but a bit longer. Then some 50m after the Tunnel-Exit a short, although initially steep, small gravel road takes off down to Roemerhuette. This descent is shorter then the one mentioned above.

From Gaetterli, or from Burggeist by Cable car, down to Gschwaend.

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Map: Wanderkarte Luzern Pilatus und Umgebung 1:25000 (part "Hinterbergen" unfortunately is not on the map)

Here a route that is a bit more demanding then the Scheidegg route. The "Wanderweg" is well marked (yellow signs and white/red/white markers). 

Vitznau, Vierwaldstaettersee, Buochserhorn Vitznau, Buochserhorn, Stanserhorn


Vitznau Rigi km  hrs
Vitznau (ship, car)    
6 2
Hinterbergen-Gletti-Unterstetten-First-Kaltbad 6 2
Kaltbad-Vitznau (steep) 5 1.5
Vitznau (ship, car)    

If you want to cut part of the rather steep ascent, there is a small cable car 300 m from the Vitznau jetty/Rigi Bahn station to "Hinterbergen".
(Another cable car at the same place goes up to "Wissiflue", another lovely spot).

The path to Schwanden-Gaebetswil is quite steep, but well kept and well signed. The views are great.
Two other options are: Gaebetswil-Hinterbergen and St.Antoni-Hinterbergen, both paths beginning near the two cable car stations. (Hinterbergen is on the eastern verge of the map, Chriesbaumberg).

Above the last houses, at Schwanden, we have the choice of following the track straight on to Kaltbad, or to turn right towards Gaebetswil/Wissiflue. 
Turning right, this narrow track is leading into the forest and is sometimes hardly recognizable, but every now and then there are red/white markers. Gaebetswil is a fine lookout.

We follow the sign  "Steigelfadbalm / Hinterbergen". After 20 Minutes there is a sign and a short track to "Steigelfadbalm" with a cave in which about 10'000 years ago cave people used to live (20 Minutes return). There is another, larger cave at Gruobisbalm, on the way to Kaltbad (train stop).  

We follow the track to Hinterbergen. 

From Hinterbergen (lovely Restaurant overlooking the lake) the steep track proceeds on to the Alp Gletti. Soon the path crosses the alp meadows and all the sweat is forgotten, the sight fantastic, - and hardly climbing anymore. 

Where the path merges with the track "Seeweg" Scheidegg - Kaltbad we turn left towards Unterstetten / Kaltbad.

Unterstetten near the high bridge is a  Restaurant which seems to be glued on to the rocks. On the terrace, under the old maple trees you have a breathtaking view over the lake into the mountains.

From Unterstetten we may follow the "Felsenweg" high above the lake or, by choosing the right track, the old railway track. On this track an old Railway car (private) can still be seen.

At "First" we have the option of taking the train down to Goldau (the railway station is a short and easy walk from the Restaurant) or proceeding to Kaltbad for the train down to Vitznau. Of course, there are also walking tracks.

Kaltbad is a small mountain village with shop, Restaurants and hotels. There is also a cable car down to Weggis.

Hinterbergen Hinterbergen
Unterstetten Unterstetten
Firsthuette Firsthuette
Rock wall with cave

Rockwall and cave

View from cave

View from the cave over the lake

Steigelfadbalm:  About hundred years ago this cave was discovered. There is prove, that this cave has been inhabited by cave people. Obviously the cave has also been used by cave bears.
The place here is still a good shelter against weather and intruders - and the view is beautiful. At the time of the Cave People there was probably a glacier or two nearby. The alps are a relatively young mountain chain anyway.

Don't expect a big tourist attraction. A small board on the rock wall is telling some facts. A fireplace proves that the place is popular also for the people of today.

Another reminder of the Ice Age you can find in the city of Luzern. At the Gletschergarten you see glacier mills. There is also an interesting photomontage showing Hofkirche at that time.


Cave entrance

Cave at Steigelfad

Ayla: Maybe you were fascinated too by the novel (4 books) of Jean M. Auel: "The Clan of the Cave Bears", "The Valley of the Horses", "The Mammoth Hunters", "The Plains of Passage". Now here is the cave to the book (although Ayla's cave was some thousand miles to the east). 

The novel takes you by the hand and gives you the opportunity to watch the live of a baby girl in the Ice age growing up and living in different parts and with different peoples.

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3 hrs

A good starting place for hikers with car is the parking at the cable car station (toll). 

From there the first part is on the Bitumen road, ascending to Zingeli. It's also a tiny part of the "Rigi Lehnenweg" covering the lower part of Rigi from Kuessnacht by Weggis - Vitznau to Gersau.
Shortly after the track coming up from Weggis is cutting the Bitumen road, the hiking track is turning off to the right. After a wide bow the comfortable small road hits the edge of woods. For a while the trail runs now along that shady vegetation.

At Tannenberg there would be a short track up to Mueseralp. Unfortunately due to severe slides the tracks presently is destroyed and therefore closed (June 2006). The Info - board proposes to continue to Schlierberg - Raeb. That's accepted, but nevertheless I chose the long detour by Gaellen to Mueseralp.

At Mueseralp there are two options, whereby Geissrueggen will cause some more sweat:

Steiglen.jpg (54061 Byte)The Steiglen path with a couple of stairs:
A look ahead tells us what's to be expected: a pretty steep climb in the rock walls! But it is worth the sweat. The reward is some fantastic but safe climbs and fantastic vistas.
Geissrueggen.jpg (62958 Byte)The track by Geissrueggen
The first part from Mueseralp is to the left, straight up along the forest edge. 
Somewhat to the left there is a "Findling", an erratic block that was transported by the former Reuss glacier and was left on the present place some million of years ago. 
Looking up, about 50 m ahead, the white of a Wanderweg sign is visible  along the rim we're ascending. After the alp-hut Mueseralp the track remains steep and still follows a straight line. Finally at the marker "1238 m" the path makes a sharp right turn to the rock wall. In the forest now and with a couple of stairs we're in for the final climb to gorgeous Chaenzeli. 

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A popular Restaurant is right at the cable car station and a rural summer Restaurant at Altruedisegg. Once on Rigi there are many options for extended walks and a couple of Restaurants too. If you came by public transport, you may choose to descend to Weggis, Vitznau or Goldau.

If you want to use your car, you can drive up to Seebodenalp and park the car there (parking fee about Fr 3.- /6 hrs).

nostalgiep.JPG (18161 Byte) Nostalgia train and Pilatus, at Rigi-Staffel

The first part of the proposed route is more or less flat until Altruedisegg. Then the track is leading steady upwards until you reach Chaenzeli. From there it's a short, flat piece to Kaltbad. For Staffelhoehe/Staffel it's another short climb (30 min), but you're rewarded with pretty views.

Seebodenalp Rigi km  hrs
Zug-Rotkreuz-Kuessnacht (train, bus)    
Kuessnacht-cable car (walk) 1 0.3
Seebodenalp-Altruedisegg-Chaenzeli-(Kaltbad)- 4.5 1.5
Chaenzeli-Staffel-Seebodenalp 4.5 1.5
Seebodenalp-Kuessnacht (cable car)    
Kuessnacht-Railway  (walk) 1 0.3
Kuessnacht-Rotkreuz-Zug (train)    



Near Chaenzeli, Stanserhorn

Rigi Chaenzeli (15 Min. from Kaltbad) is a beautiful lookout.


Above Chaenzeli.

Alternatively there is a steeper route from Seebodenalp to Rigi Staffel. From the Cable car or parking the path leads to the rocky face of Rigi Kulm. The walk to Rigi Staffel takes about 1.5 hrs. From Staffel there are many options, e.g. to Kulm, to First, to Kaltbad, down to Goldau, Vitznau.

From Staffel to Kulm there is a Bitumen road (45 min) along the two railway tracks. But you've got an alternative as well (1 hr). Take  the road along the Kiosk and the Restaurant. After about 150 m on the Bitumen road, a track on the left leads smoothly up to Kulmhuette. The sign reads "Alpweg" and "Rigi Kulm". From Kulmhuette it's a short, although a bit steep gravel road up to the peak. 

A Winter walk

Rigiwinterwalk.JPG (68161 Byte)Interactive map:

Ca 2.5 hrs
There are more then 35 km of prepared hiking tracks for normal hiking boots (I usually have my spike bands with me). Flat sections or  ones with a slope may be chosen.

This walk starts at the Rigi Bahn stop "First-Kaltbad" Rigi-Staffel.jpg (55644 Byte)(or "Woelfertschen") on the Goldau Line. Almost flat, the path runs along the southern slope of Rotstock and in less then 15 Minutes we're at "First". The view over Lake Lucerne to the mountain chain from Gitschen over Uri-Rotstock and Titlis to the Berne alps and on to Pilatus is undisturbed.

Directly at the Restaurant ("Baerenstuebli") the Baerenzingelweg runs a bit above and parallel to the  "main road", although first there is a short climb.
After some 15 Minutes, near Restaurant "Bergsonne", a shortcut brings us to Kaltbad village with Rigi Bahn Station, Restaurants and the cable car to Weggis.

From there, on a almost flat track we reach Chaenzeli with a superb view into alps and a large part of the "Mittelland". 

Chaenzeli-Staffel.jpg (63599 Byte)Proceeding to Staffelhoehe and Staffel (45 Min), the road is now ascending quite a bit, but we're awarded with extraordinary views.

At Staffel, the descent to Kloesterli is a bit steeper (40 Min). An alternative may be to rent a Toboggan, (there are separate tracks for Skiing, tobogganing, hiking), or proceed up to Kulm (45 Min) and use the train to Goldau.


Kloesterli-Kulm-Staffel.JPG (153857 Byte)Interactive map:

(2.5 h) This hike is marked as "Kulm Trail" from Kloesterli by Staendli-Unterschwaendi-Oberschwaendi-Chaeserenholz-Kulmhuette-Rigi Kulm. It is also a winter trail.

From the station at Kloesterli we start down the road, passing the chapel and over to the Ski lift Staendli. Then, on the other side of creek (Rigiaa) we proceed down to the turnoff on the left with the steep climb towards Schwaendi.
The trail is for the most part on good gravel road. 
It's a steady climb over alpine meadows. Between Oberschwaendi (Schochenhuette) and Chaeserenholz we're mainly on a grass track. At Chaeserenholz, the "Gruobi" invites for a rest. During Alp time, cheese (produced here) and other products are available in the Alp hut nearby.

For the part Kulm to Staffel- Railway station I chose the way back to Kulmhuette and then turning right for a pleasant  walk, passing the "Gruobi" (=resting place) at Schinenfluh on the way to Staffel.


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