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Heritage sites

Hikes in Ob/Nidwalden

The area is great for hiking. There are a lot of cable cars for excellent combinations. Below some examples:

Niederrickenbach to Klewenalp (Beckenried):

Stanserhorn (Stans):

Wildlife path (Emmetten)

Melchsee Frutt (Kerns, Melchtal):Ob-Nidwalden

Aelggi Alp, geographical centre of Switzerland:


Car ferry: If you drive your car from the Zug to the Nidwalden area (or vice versa) you may use the car ferry between
Gersau and Beckenried. 
- Scenic route (20 Minutes) along lakes and mountains and a relaxing crossing of the Vierwaldstaettersee.


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Niederrickenbach to Klewenalp

Marmots (at Klewenalp stn.) Marmots at Klewenalp Station

Map: Wanderkarte Luzern Pilatus und Umgebung 1:25000.
Wanderkarte Nidwalden und Engelberg 1:50000.
Wanderkarte Schwyz-Zug-Vierwaldstaettersee 1:60000.

Klewenalp is another of those attractive vacation and day tour spots.
My two proposal are either a tour from Niederrickenbach, or Niederbauen to Klewenalp (Wildlife hike).

Dallenwil-Niederrickenbach-Klewenalp km  hrs
Zug-Luzern-Dallenwil (trains)*    
Dallenwil-Niederrickenbach (cable car)    
Cable car to Ober Musenalp then Unter Musenalp

Klewenalp-Beckenried (cable car)    
Beckenried-Stans-Luzern-Zug (bus, trains)    

The cable car station Dallenwil - Niederrickenbach  is about 500 m from the Dallenwil railway station.

*"Luzern-Stans-Engelberg" line (LSE).

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Niederbauen - Klewenalp,
Wildlife Hike

On the path Niederbauen to Klewenalp On the path Niederbauen to Klewenalp
Niederbauenstock Niederbauenstock
km  hrs
Zug-Luzern-Stans-Emmetten (trains *, bus)    
Emmetten-Niederbauen (cable car)    
Niederbauen-Langhuette-Stafel-Klewenalp 5 4 (**)
Klewenalp-Beckenried (cable car)    
Beckenried-Stans-Luzern-Zug (bus, trains)    

*"Luzern-Stans-Engelberg" line (LSE).
(**) Time for watching included.

For the return to Luzern there is also the option of taking the ship.
Marmot (at Klewenalp stn.) Marmot at Klewenalp station


This is a new and interesting Hike. A brochure is available at the Gemeindeverwaltung or the tourism office in Emmetten. An excellent leaflet with panoramic map is available at the cable car Emmetten/Niederbauen ticketing counter. Don't be disappointed if none of the animals show up. Nevertheless there will be fantastic lookouts and  you get a good idea about the habitat of the species. Most of the path will lead through alp meadows.

For this tour I parked my car at the Klewenalp cable car. then I used the Postauto to Emmetten (leaving Beckenried "Post", near the church, a few Minutes before the hour)

The path is marked by green signs "Wildbeobachtungspfad". From the cable car exit the gravel road is ascending towards the top of Niederbauen. After a few Minutes there is already the first table and benches. We get a glimpse of the route to follow. - A path running along the flanks of the rocky chain of mountains, then crossing over to the other side of the valley with Rinderbuehl, Stockhuette and Klewenalp.
The road is slightly ascending until we reach the sign for Oberbauen and Urwaengi. Now we can see the Urnersee and Sisikon on the other side. Turning right towards Oberbauen we have to follow a steep path with a couple of short staircases. The walk to the lookout (10 Min return) is worthwhile. Again a robust table and benches and a excellent lookout!
The path is leading down to the stable and then across alp meadows into the trees at Wintereschlen. Later after crossing Rigital and Choltal we are on the side of Klewenalp. Instead of walking on to Klewenalp, there are alternatives: down to Emmetten by the road along Choltal, or by Twaeregg to Stockhuette and the cable car down to Emmetten.   

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Wiesenberg or Wirzweli to 

Already in 1893 funiculars (2 sections) from Stans to Stanserhorn were in operation. After the Hotel on the top and also the upper train station were destroyed by a fire, the upper section of the line was replaced by a cable car. Some remnants of the old transmission-system can be seen at the top station. 
The original funicular on the first part is still in operation on the original tracks. It is a pretty sight and I'm sure you will love the romantic train.
A special attraction is the revolving Restaurant on top (closed in winter, will reopen on April 9th 2004).  

There are many hiking trails, also from Stans. Following are two proposals for the climbing from the southern side. 

Wiesenberg-Stanserhorn km  hrs
Zug-Luzern-Dallenwil (trains)*    
Dallenwil-Wiesenberg (cable car)    
Wiesenberg-Blatti-Stanserhorn 4,5 2,2
Stanserhorn-Stans (cable car, mountain train)    
Stans-Luzern-Zug (trains)    

Wirzweli-Stanserhorn-Wiesenberg / or Wirzweli km  hrs
Zug-Luzern-Dallenwil (trains)*    
Dallenwil-Wirzweli (bus,cable car)    
Chrinnen-Stanserhorn (steep)
5,5 2.5
or Stanserhorn-Chrinnen-Hozlwang-Wirzweli
5 2
Stanserhorn-Stans (cable car, mountain train)    
Stans-Luzern-Zug ( trains)    

* "Luzern-Stans-Engelberg" line (LSE).

From Wirzweli:
Wirzweli, church, Stanserhorn Wirzweli church, Stanserhorn

Wirzweli www.wirzweli.ch is a very popular family resort in summer and winter. Under the many attractions is also a (summer) Rodelbahn.
After passing the river with the Bitumen road making a 180 bend, a path to the left runs over alp meadows, ascending to Rahmenmattli, Husmatt, Langboden, Aecherli. (As an alternative you may choose the route by Stangisbuel, Unt. Holzwang). Because of the scenery I prefer the Aecherli detour. 

At Aecherli,Stanserhorn,Alpnach At Aecherli
Aecherli,Holzwang,Stanserhorn On the way to Holzwang and Stanserhorn
holzwang_weg.jpg (18298 Byte) On the track from Stanserhorn to Holzwang 
Holzwang: Sarnersee Holzwang: Sarnersee

The path is partly  cutting the pass road Kerns-Aecherli-Wiesenberg/Wirzweli-Dallenwil. We are passing some Alp huts, some of them will sell there produces (e.g. alp cheese). From Aecherli we enjoy pretty lookouts towards Alpnach, Pilatus. The path to Holzwang is almost flat. From Holzwang with view of Sarnersee, the track is laid out along the hill and partly through forest. Arriving at the Chrinnen the next challenge is the steep path zigzagging up to the Stanserhorn. Arriving on the top the view is fantastic. It's also noteworthy, that every year the path is being partly replaced/repaired. During the winter the track in the Chrinnen will usually be  damaged by avalanches. 

Stanserhorn:Buergenstock On Stanserhorn: Buergenstock
Stanserhorn: Pilatus On Stanserhorn: Pilatus
art, at Aecherli Artwork: 
On the way from Aecherli to Holzwang


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