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The easiest way for reaching the Napf area is by Romoos, Menzberg, Luthern/Luthern Bad, or Fankhaus. Similar to Rigi, Napf is the highest Point in a large area, so there are unsurpassed views in every direction.

Luthern Bad - Napf - Luthern Bad: Out of the large range of options I have chosen this short round tour.
Menzberg-Napf-Fankhaus: A bit a longer route with beautyful vistas.
Romoos-Ober Aenzi-Trub: The hike along part of the "Grenzpfad" assures a deep impression of the Napf area.

Luthern Bad - Napf - Luthern Bad

Luthern Bad - Napf - Luthern Bad Km hrs
Zug - Luzern (SBB)    
Luzern - Hüswil (Regional)    
Hüswil - Luthern Bad (Bus)    
Luthern Bad - Badegg - Nieder Aenzi - Grüebli - Napf 4.5 2
Napf - Trachselegg - Vorder Ei - Luthern Bad 3.5 1.3

A informative Board In Luthern Bad tells a lot about the region and the hiking area. There is also a tidy public toilet and space for parking available.

The ascent from Luthern Bad to Napf:
From the Info Board after a few meters the trail crosses the river and soon we're ascending a fairly steep but excellent gravel road up to Badegg. The river is running far below in a gully. Soon we arrive at the Bitumen road. It's replacing what is now the hiking track, making live for the farmers a bit more secure. Badegg, a summer Restaurant can now be reached by private cars.

After Badegg  we're again on gravel road. In the forest we are steadily ascending. From time to time nearby hills and valleys can be seen in but a narrow cutting.

naenzi.JPG (19955 Byte) On the way to Napf,
Nieder Aenzi

At Nieder Aenzi we're suddenly on a crest which opens the view over to the other side towards Entlebuch.

Soon on a lovely narrow track we're proceeding through forest to Gruebli, all the time following a ridge.

After Gruebli, the last part, it's a steep climb again. After less then half an hour we're on top of the Napf. 

For the way back from Napf to Luthern Bad we're using the track by Trachselegg and Mittler Ei.

The track begins near the Farm house. On a steep zigzag course we're at Trachselegg (summer Restaurant) in less then half an hour.

trachsel.JPG (29691 Byte) Napf to Luthern Bad,

Through forest and meadows we're descending to Mittler Ei. Here we hit the Bitumen road. The hiking track is a gravel road. Crossing the Luther, it runs along the river in the shadow of the trees. A connoisseur might want to use the opportunity to cool down the feet. Who knows, perhaps at the same time a tiny piece of gold will show up?

Soon we cross the river again. After a short walk on the Bitumen road we're back at where we started.


Menz-Napf-Fank.jpg (259694 Byte)Active Map:


Menzberg - Napf - Fankhaus hrs
Zug - Luzern (SBB)
Luzern - Menznau (BLS)
Menznau - Menzberg Oberlehn (Postauto)
Chrotthütten SAC-Staechelegg-Napf
Napf-Grueebli-Hoehstullen-Buechli-Leen-Fankhaus 2.0
Fankhaus Schulhaus - Trubschachen 
(Postauto) Check time table!
Trubschachen - Luzern (BLS)
Luzern - Zug (SBB)

Just before reaching Menzberg there is a Bus stop at the crossing for Oberlehn. An ideal starting point, but of course, start in Menzberg is possible too. That track would merge after some 500 m with the one from the mentioned Bus stop.

On the direction board are quite a few proposals for routes in this area. Estimated walking time is 2 hrs and a half, but let's add another 30 Minutes for sights and may be a rest while doing the steeper part near the end.

The part to "Chrotthuetten" is pretty comfortable and the scenery lovely. Sometimes a special bypass for hikers is provided. Soon after the SAC-hut, a steep track will lead up to Staechelegg. After that, it's another 20 Minutes to the peak.

For the way down I chose the shortest route to Fankhaus. For the steep descent you'll be happy having the walking sticks with you. As an alternatve, a less steep but longer route is marked.

When too early for the Postauto, enjoy the quiet and coolness just after leaving the forest, some 15 Minutes from the end of the hike. A wooden bench is just at the perfect spot; the next Restaurant would be in Trub, a one hour walk from the bus stop!

Romoos-Ober Aenzi-Trub

RONT.jpg (160055 Byte)Active map: 



Romoos - Ober Aenzi - Trub hrs
Zug - Luzern (SBB)
Luzern - Wolhusen (BLS)
Wolhusen-Romoos Post (Postauto)
Some Postauto will extend their route to Holzwaegen.
Romoos-Weierhuesli(saw mill)-Saeumettle-Fuchsenegg-
Holzwaegen-Goldsitenegg-Aenzihuesli-Ober Aenzi-
Staechelegg-Napf-Staechelegg-along Trimle Rim-
Schafegg-Champechnubel-along Stutzegg Rim-Graetliegg-
Altgratschwaendi-Ober Altgfael-Hinter Risiegg-

Skip Staechelegg-Napf-Staechelegg
Romoos-Holzwaegen by Postauto (May...Oct)



Trub - Trubschachen 
Trubschachen - Luzern (BLS)
Luzern - Zug (SBB)

Postauto: Check timetables!

This longer tour will give a good insight into this fantastic region with the forests, the many alpine farmhouses, the knolls, valleys, ridges, creeks. Sometimes, in between, there are small plains as well.

Near the Bus stop in Romoos, close to the catholic church "Maria Magdalena", a board provides information about the many hiking and special tours that can be undertaken.
The first part is on the Bitumen road down to Weiherhuesli with the saw mill. After a right turn there, and some 200 m, a forest track on the left is provided. Soon we're on the Bitumen road again, but only for a short section. Then the steep climb up to some 1000 m is demanded. At Fuchsenegg, about half way up, we're getting a fine view of the undulating scenery. 

Having reached Graemsen, it's now an easy half hour walk to Holzwaegen. From now on the sight opens into the Lucerne "Hinterland". Some Postauto courses serve this area, which is an excellent starting point into the Napf region. The Restaurant has a large garden area . Parking space for private cars is provided some 500m from the Restaurant en route for Ober Aenzi.

To Ober Aenzi we're often walking along a rim, slightly ascending and every now and then offering lovely sights. Passing Goldsitenegg with the Goldbach deep below, may trigger some thoughts about a Goldwash expedition. After one hour we're at the Restaurant and here again the view from the garden Restaurant stretches wide to the Jura mountains in the North.

Staecheleggflue.jpg (69822 Byte)On the way towards Staechelegg the eroded flank of Hengst is in view, with the Napf summit to the left (the knoll on the right is Hengst). The farmhouse Staechelegg is built almost directly above the abyss.

Before reaching Staechelegg, the route to Trub turns left. The detour to Staechelegg and Napf and return would take about one hour.

The track from Aenzilegi (just before Staechelegg) to Schafmatt is following the border Luzern/Bern. The scenic "Grenzpfad" follows the rim, sometimes a bit up, then again descending, but most of the time at an altitude of some 1200m. It's a superb hike for getting an insight view of the Napf area.

Altgfael.jpg (74690 Byte)At Altgfael a "help your self" Beizli might provide the hiker with new energy. 
(Himugueegli is a ladybug; for Nonberner a Marienkaefer).

The last part, from Schindelegg to Trub, by the bridge over Trueb river, is on a narrow, steep dirt track. 
As an alternative, the way to Trubschachen is with one and a quarter hour only some 45 Minutes longer.

Gold or cookie?

While some of the hikers are searching the Napf rivers for gold, others perhaps prefer a visit to the cookie factory shop of Kambly SA in Trubschachen:

The factory is located directly at the railway station. The shop entrance is at the remote end of the long building on the mainroad (direction Luzern), 10 Minutes return.
The Best: you can also taste all the goodies.
Info: www.kambly.ch

Malters is home of two big names, Hug and Wernli, with the shop "ChnusperLand". See www.hug-familie.ch/en/home/, with link and infos to another product, the "Willisauer Ringli" and its shop "RingliLand".

Since we're alright in the midst of genuine Swiss cookies, here the Link to the other Big Name:  www.laeckerli-huus.ch/


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