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The three rocky peaks of the Mythen can be seen from almost everywhere. The area offers a couple of lovely hiking trails.

Near Schwyz in Ibach there is the world known Swiss Amy Knife enterprise. Their homepage is www.victorinox.ch.

Sattel-Hochstuckli (1200 m) is not only interesting for hikers: at the base station of the chairlift there is the "Largest Skate Park of Europe". Atop, at the chairlift station, attractions for the whole family are waiting, as there are a summer Rodelbahn (toboggan-run) or the Stuckli Jump and children's playground (www.sattel-hochstuckli.ch).

Hoch - Ybrig offers good tracks for Hikers and is an attractive winter sport area (snow conditions are usually excellent). A large cable car runs from Weglosen to Seebli (Hoch - Ybrig). 
From Seebli there are chairlifts to Sternen and Spirstock. 
Another chairlift connects Oberiberg and Steinboden (Laucheren).
Weglosen and Oberiberg have bus services to Einsiedeln and Ibergeregg/Schwyz.

Sattel (800 m) can be reached by train (SOB - Line) from Arth-Goldau or by Buses from Schwyz 
or Zug-Oberaegeri
A large parking lot is right at the chair lift station.


The Grosser Mythen is the highest of the three peaks. Track from Holzegg. Vistas during the climb and from atop are undisturbed and impressive.
From Hochstuckli to Rotenfluh lovely hikes along the rocky Mythen are inviting, .
Erlebnispfad Engelstock: (adventure path). Along this lovely track in the Hochstuckli area many interesting facts about nature and about this area can be learned. The track will be kept open in the winter too.
Ibergeregg to Hoch - Ybrig: The two popular regions are connected by a lovely track. 
Roggenstock: Special about this hike is the Geology/Botany  track. Explanations are in German, but there are also many Graphs and pictures on the 12 Boards explaining Geology and Botany of the area.   

In the Background Glaernisch

Grosser Mythen

The trail from Holzegg to the peak is excellent. Although after rain you should avoid this trip, because the track gets extremely slippery. There is a warning board on the beginning of the path and it is recommended to take smaller kids on a rope. 

How to get to Holzegg:

By Rotenfluh. The most comfortable way is by cable car from Rickenbach/Schwyz. From Rotenfluh it's a short walk down to Holzegg.
From Hochstuckli. A most wonderful, easy track will guide you through a alpine region.  
From Ibergeregg. The top of the pass road between Schwyz and Unteriberg is the starting point for a couple of interesting hikes. Walking to Ibergeregg, the rocky Mythen in front is quite impressive


Mythen km hrs
Zug-Schwyz-Rickenbach (train, bus 3)    
Rickenbach Rothenfluh cable car    
Rothenfluh-Holzegg-Mythen 5 2
Mythen-Holzegg-Rothenfluh 5 1.5
Rothenfluh-Rickenbach cable car    
Rickenbach-Schwyz-Zug (bus, train)    


Options: km hrs
Ibergeregg (bus)-Holzegg  5 1.3
Brunni (bus from Einsiedeln) -Holzegg (cable car, walk)
3 1
Holzegg-Mostelberg (cable car to Sattel) 7 2.3



Hut on Mythen Top Cosy room of Mythen Hut Grosser Mythen
On Top of Mythen Inside the hut Rothenfluh 
is also a popular start for Para glider

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Hochstuckli - Rotenfluh

This easy route offers surprising views into valleys, mountains, forests and alps. The closer we get to the rocky chunks of the Mythen, the more we're being impressed.
Hochstuckli-Rothenfluh km hrs
Zug-Oberaegeri (Bus 1)
Oberaegeri-Sattel/Chairlift (Bus 9)
Sattel-Mostelberg (Cale car)
or walk


Mostelberg-(Herrenboden or Alp Engelstock)-
7 2.5
Holzegg-Rotenfluh 1 0.5
Rotenfluh-Rickenbach Cable car
Rickenbach-Schwyz (Bus 3)
Schwyz-Zug (train)    

Shortly after leaving the summit station with the Restaurant, the playgrounds, the Bob rink, we get to the junction of the Engelstock circuit.

To the right the lovely track will lead to the Alp Engelstock and on to Mostelegg (the last 200 m up to Mostelegg is Bitumen).
To the left a path is crossing the moor for Herrenboden. From there to Mostelegg the road is Bitumen.

At Mostelegg the path crosses alp meadows and brings us to Haggenegg. First we are welcomed by the little church which offers a fantastic view over Schwyz valley. Later, on crossing the hilltop we'll have free view into the white peaks of the alps of the Glarus area.

After Haggenegg (www.brunni.com) we're closing in to the mighty rock walls of the Mythen. 
After the Restaurant, to the right there is a side track down to Guenterigs - Hasli and there proceeding up again to Holzegg ( + 1hr). At Guenterigs there'll be a track up to Zwueschet Mythen.

At the Alp Restaurant Zwueschet Mythen (..."In between the Mythen") a short detour to the cross is recommended, the view is superb (30 minutes return).
Proceeding to Holzegg the trail runs directly along the mountain. The gravel on the track came from the rocky mountain flanks.

From Holzegg there are tracks to Ibergeregg, into Brunnital/Alpthal (cable car), to Rotenfluh and down to Schwyz.

The short walk over and up to Rotenfluh rewards us with remarkable views, especially towards the chunky rock that's Grosser Mythen.

Ibergeregg - Holzegg - Haggenegg - Mostelberg

Ibergeregg-Mostelberg.JPG (138329 Byte)Interactive map:


3.5 hrs. 
From Holzegg two similar routes. 
The Rotenflue-Mostelberg route is turning off after Haggenegg to Bannegg and is then joining the usual route at Mostelegg and onwards to Mostelberg.

A Busline to Ibergeregg, the summit of the pass road Schwyz-Oberiberg, is operating from Schwyz Post.

From Mostelberg to Sattel there is the cable car Stuckli Rondo with connection to the Buslines to Oberaegeri or Schwyz. 



Here a lovely alternative to the route mentioned above. 

Right after Restaurant Haggenegg a Wanderweg Marker points to Schwaendi / Guenterigs.

To Schwaendi it's a steady descent, constantly accompanied by murmurs of some mountain creeks.
After Schwaendi the gravel road is more or less level until Guenterigs. The proceeding part to the cut between (=zwueschet) the Great and Small Mythen is a pretty steep climb, passing short locations of rubble. 

A Track for lovers of quiet tracks who don't mind some "unnecessary" altitude meters.

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Erlebnispfad Engelstock

On the way to Holzegg we've already used part of this track. The round circuit tells many things about the region, nature, development. Quite an attraction will be wintertime, since the track will be kept open.
Erlebnispfad Engelstock km hrs
Zug-Oberaegeri (Bus 1)
Oberaegeri-Sattel/chairlift (Bus 9)
Sattel-Mostelberg (chairlift)    
Rundgang Mostelberg-Mostelegg-Mostelberg 4 2
Mostelberg-Sattel (chairlift)
Sattel-Oberaegeri-Zug (bus)

For the circuit a brochure with plan and some explanations and additional information (in German) is available at the chairlift boots.

Supplement to the brochure "Erlebnispfad Engelstock":

The circuit has six thematic stations, dealing with News and Surprises. There are explanations covering history, cultivation, forestry, wildlife, water, air, wind...

Entering the forest in direction "Wald und Holz" there are fairy tale figures cut in pine stumps, waiting to be discovered. There are Haensel and Gretel, the Witch, Rapunzel, Rumpelstilzchen, Till Eulenspiegel.

The "adventure track" will be kept open all year, also during wintertime.
You may just as well use the track for a lovely walk only and enjoy the views.

Wald und Holz: (Forest and Wood)

Animals and trees on Engelstock; Forest and Water; History of the Schwyz Forest; Career to the top of a Pine tree; Animal search game.
Verkehr und Tourismus: (Traffic and Tourism)

Regional History of Traffic; Limits of Mobility; CO 2 - Turntable 
Luft und Atmosphaere: (Air and Atmosphere)

The Hull of the Air around the Earth; Radiation, Wind, Clouds; The Weather; Wind play; Listening Funnel.

Mountain panorama; Guessing game of the Landscape; Outing Targets in Innerschwyz (heart of Central Switzerland).
Wasser: (Water)

The element of Life; The Cycle of the Water; Life in the Creek; Erosion; Water in Switzerland; Slide Gallery; Ear Trumpet; Fireplace.

Landscape and Habitat; Culture; Protection and Exploitation; Turntable Forest and Moor in Comparison.

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Ibergeregg to Hoch-Ybrig

This hike is marked Panorama Weg, a fitting name.
Ibergeregg to Hochybrig km hrs
Zug - Schwyz (train)
Schwyz - Schwyz Post - Ibergeregg (bus's)
Spirstock-Chli Sternen
return: same track


from Sternen down to Seebli (Hoch Ybrig) by chairlift
and by other chairlift from Seebli up to Spirstock
Ibergeregg - Schwyz Post - Schwyz (bus's)
Schwyz - Zug (train)

After passing the nearby Marienkappelle, we're in the forest. The rocks and the rich vegetation make this area most enjoyable.
After the ascent in the forest we cross alp meadows and enjoy views over valleys and into the alps.
iberg_hochfluh.JPG (44984 Byte) Fronalpstock, 
Rigi Hochfluh

From Laucherenchappeli (St Wendelin) to Spirstock it's a bit steeper, but the sight from the top is excellent. We proceed down the other side (there are about 200 stairs) to Nuehuettli (New hut). Up it goes on the perfect track near the rim of the mountain to Sternen.
sternen.JPG (45217 Byte) View from Spirstock
towards Sternen

Here we may descend to Seebli (by chairlift or on foot). Since the view is so exceptional, the way back on the same route is probably  acceptable.


Before starting on this hike get the brochures about the "Geologischer Wanderweg". It's available for free at the Cable/Chairlift stations and from tourist offices. The map inside shows the positions of the information boards.

The tour can be shortened by using the cable car and/or one of the chairlifts. 
Large car parks are in Oberiberg at the Skilift (shortly after right turn towards Iberegg/Schwyz: (The lift is closed during summer), and at the chairlift and the cable car station.
Roggenstock km hrs
Zug-Arth Goldau-Einsiedeln (train)
(Postauto to chairlift Laucheren)
(Postauto to cable car Seebli)
Church Oberiberg-Schoolhouse-Schlipfauweid-Tubenmoos-
Roggenegg-Roggenstock Ungaendern-Oberroggen-
time for studying the boards


or cable car/Chairlift
Weglosen or Oberiberg to Einsiedeln (Postauto)
Einsiedeln-Arth Goldau - Zug (train)

We start our ascent at the church. Walking on the Bitumen road towards Roggenstock we arrive at the Schoolhouse with the first Geology and Botany information board.

We proceed on the road till we get to the crossroads at the large barn. A glance up in line with the road to the mountain shows a peculiar building high up (a bit to the right are cables of a ski lift) That's the Adlerhorst and roughly our first target.
waag2.JPG (55625 Byte) On the geology track (board 2):
At Waag the left part of the mountain stopped moving, thereby building a passage.

We follow the road to the left. After a short distance a big red/white arrow in the road points to the right. A rather steep track is crossing the Bitumen road. Up to the top there are more short cuts like this one, but they're not marked any more.
The next board is after the Alp Restaurant Schlipfenweid.

Either on the Bitumen road or on the unmarked short cuts, straight up, we ascend to the Alp Tubenmoos. For Fuederegg and Roggenstock there is a track to the right, passing Adlerhorst.

We're proceeding straight on, to the next board. Soon the road gives way to a walking track. The next Geology board is at Alp Restaurant Roggenegg.

Now the track generally is more or less flat. Soon, a bit uphill we reach a rocky part, Oberroggen. Lots of rocks that came off Roggenstock cover the Alp meadows, the changing of nature a never ending process. 

From here to the edge of Roggenstock at Ungaendern it's 30 Minutes steep walk up to the fantastic lookout and back.

Proceeding on the former track we reach Roggenhuette.
On a gravel road we finally reach Restaurant Fuederegg again with a Geology board. Nearby is the pretty lake Seebli, the cable car for Weglosen and the chairlift for Spirstock and Sternen.
ybrig.jpg (63063 Byte) At Hoch Ybrig

The chairlift Laucheren to Oberiberg with another Geology board is about 20 Minutes from here, at Steinboden. The last board is put up down in the valley near the station and parking lot. 
An additional board is at the mountain station of the Seebli cable car.

Back to Oberiberg we choose the track by Adlerhorst. The first part is a good gravel road through forest. Later it's a track crossing Alp meadows. 
After Adlerhorst, on a steep track we reach Tubenmoos. Here we're on our "old" track.


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