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Heritage sites


Kuessnacht - Immensee

The whole area of the Zugersee is providing excellent walks, on this one we're visiting a historic landmark.

Kuessnacht-Immensee km hrs
Zug-Rotkreuz (train)
Rotkreuz-Kuessnacht Hauptplatz (bus)
Kuessnacht-Gesslerburg-Hohle Gasse-Immensee 4 1.5
Immensee-Zug (boat)
or Immensee-Kuessnacht-Rotkreuz-Zug (bus, train)
or Immensee-Arth Goldau-Zug (train)

Use the "Tageskarte" ticket, although boat and trains from/to Kuessnacht and Immensee are not included (www.zvb.ch).

From village center we're choosing the road towards Seebodenalp. gesslerburg.jpg (34303 Byte) Where Seebodenstrasse makes a sharp left turn, at Sigisruetiweg, a side road leads to the little park under shady trees. On the back of the wooden house a waterwheel is still working. The road and stairs ascend to the old ruin Gesslerburg among old trees.
Back at the house with the waterwheel we follow the Seebodenstrasse up for some 200 m. After passing the farmhouse and stable a track to the left will be leading across pastures down to Hohle Gasse.

Hohle Gasse is a historic site.  It's told that it was here where  Swiss hohlegeasse.jpg (33771 Byte) national hero Tell, hidden in the under wood by the narrow track, has awaited cruel Vogt (governor) Gessler and shot the rider with his crossbow. The picture on the chapel gives some impressions of the Tell saga. The windows show the crests of the first 8 Cantons (alte Orte) of the Swiss Confederation.

Passing "Tell" chapel we reach the buildings of the Missionsgesellschaft.  
If you love a quiet place visit the nearby cemetery. Stairs ascend up to the giant beech tree overlooking the plain site where the deceased Padres and Brothers of the organisation are remembered.

Proceeding along the buildings we get to the under pass of railway line and autobahn. Soon we reach pretty "Dorf" Immensee on the shore of Zugersee (jetty) with lovely timber houses and Restaurants. 

Proceeding along the lake for a kilometer there is another popular Restaurant: Baumgarten, directly on the lake (jetty).
The area along the wooded lake shore is very popular during the summer for bathing and some people love the walks in the shade of the forest.


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